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Told ya! Nellie Cruz to be free of suspension in '13

512xThis won't happen, possibly ever again, so I need to gloat while I can - I NAILED IT!!! 

Back on June 24 I wrote in this brilliant column that Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz would not be serving any suspension this season for his dealings with the Biogenesis Crew in South Fla.

My thought was that everything was going to take too long for Cruz to have sit this season. According to this report by Drew Davison of the Star-Telegram, who was in NYC at the MLB All-Star game, nothing is going to happen any time soon.

The potential suspensions pending from these alleged infractions will not be served until 2014.

There had been a fear that MLB was going to move on this soon, and possibly announce suspensions this week for the 20 players associated to this South Fla. Anti Aging Clinic that allegedly provided roids. There are too many moving parts for this to happen quickly, namely suspensions to be served in 2013.

This only helps the Rangers with their leverage in their contract negotiations with Cruz, who can be a free agent after the season. They will tender him a one-year deal, which he will reject; now his value as a free agent will no doubt be damaged with the cloud of having to serve a 50-game suspension early in the 2014 season.

It's not ideal, but for the Rangers this is about as good as it can possibly be in order to secure the services of their most productive hitter so far for the rest of the season.

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Bob In Arlington

Okay Mac, you're 1 for 1.

Nellie has yet to complete his annual,
"I've fallen and I can't get up injury" and visit to the DL.

Nellie is like Kinsler, you really want to like the guy but you know about the time you try, he'll up and injury himself or really botch a play in the field in a crucial game.

Nellie will hit the ocassional long ball but also has numerous stints of strikeouts on curve balls down and away in the dirt.

As the season wears on so does Nellie.

I really think its the Texas heat that he falls victum to.

Or there again, it maybe that Arlington is just a jinked city. Look at the Cowboys now and the history of the Arlington Rangers.

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