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Tony Romo's butt does look bigger in those jeans

BPvcGxTCcAAlJHL.jpg-largeOXNARD, California
-  Tony Romo’s latest crisis and why he is an utter failure as an NFL quarterback is that he is fat. We’re talking spillage over the belt with a lactating bosom, and he beeps when he backs up.

Do you realize that in 2005, Tony Romo weighed 219 pounds and looked like Adonis, only better?
Today, he’s listed at 236 and looks the before shot for a guy hoping to land a spot on The Biggest Loser.

My God - look at that photo. He's giant.

All of the above are only massive exaggerations other than the actual weights; after an offseason that included "surgery to remove a cyst" (wink-wink), 236 sounds about right. If Romo looked out of shape it’s because he was, and should have been. Doctors orders were to do nothing. 

Tony told the Star-Telegram's Charean Williams that he weighs between 227 and 230, "depending on the day you catch me."

Smart man. Always blame the bleeping scale. Welcome to the wonderful world of lying about your weight.

Of the many things to worry about Romo, expanding waistline is near the bottom of the concern pile. With the way his offensive line has played, call it self-preservation. 

Check the reported weights he played at since he entered the league:
2003: 227
2004: 227
2005: 219
2006: 225
2007: 224
2008: 224
2009: 226
2010: 223
2011: 227
2012: 230
2013: 236 

He ain't fat. Worry about something else.

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