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What Brandon Carr advised this Cowboys rookie to stay away from is genius

1-jane-russell-ca-1942-everettOXNARD, California - Dallas Cowboys veteran defensive back Brandon Carr is playing the part of mentor to a handful of the rookies, lending advice on everything from howing to prepare, how to play, how to make it as an NFLer.

"He's seen everything and he can tell you what to do and how to spend your money and what stay away from," Cowboys rookie defensive back B.W. Webb said. "Since I stepped foot in Dallas he's been my mentor, going out; bowling and just chillin'."

The most important than Mr. Carr told Mr. Webb to stay away from?

"Women," Webb said.

BINGO! Great advice indeed.

"Hearing some of the stories out there. It's scary. It's scary. I've heard as far as women trying to extort money. Women falsely accusing players on different things," Webb said. "It is scary, for sure. I have a girlfriend so I really don't have to worry about that."

Such a wise answer from such a young man.


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