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Why Rick Carlisle still thinks the Mavs are a good job

Rick+Carlisle+Phoenix+Suns+v+Dallas+Mavericks+5zYk3FL_IxdlDALLAS, Texas – Because he shaves his head you can’t see the grays but if you look closely enough at Rick Carlisle’s scalp you can see they are there. He probably has a few more as a result of the last few weeks.

Never one to make an excuse and always exuding a positivity that belies his monotone almost dark sounding tone, Carlirle’s job looks considerably harder now than it ever has since he arrived as this team’s head coach in 2008. A roster that was supposed to include any of the combination of Deron Williams, Chris Paul or Dwight Howard features zero of said superstars.

So I asked the man why the Dallas Mavericks are still a good job for a head coach.

“Because of Mark,” he told me of team owner Mark Cuban. “Look, this is a situation that people are having their polarizing views about it and that’s OK. We don’t care. I’m on board with Mark and I’m going to be on board with him.”

Mark-cubanThis is what we call a "wise business decision". Carlisle is praised for his ability to coach anyone and manage his players, but it should also be noted he can manage “up”.

“Look at where Houston was a year ago," Carlisle said. "They looked like a roster that was decimated. We are accumulating younger assets and we are going to develop them and they are going to increase in value. We are going to be aggressive to be better. Things have changed. Teams can change their outlook overnight from the sports’ time frame perspective. The thing I like about this decision and made a conscious decision in my mind I’m not going to be a coach that coaches a specific system. I have worked to develop a style that I am going to adapt each year to our personnel. To me that’s my defintion of what good coaching is. Other people will have different views. This is about being able to adjust and adapt and develop relationships."

It doesn’t matter if you agree with the plan, it’s what the Mavs are doing. May as well enjoy it.

The Mavs have elected to remain in the NBA’s middle class rather than to gut it, and the presence of Carlisle and Dirk Nowitzki, Jose Calderon, Shawn Marion and Monta Ellis are going to put this team in the playoffs. 

I asked Rick why fans, and or the adoring media, should be excited about this team going into the season. His response:

Monta_ellis"I still think we have an exciting franchise and one of the greatest players in the history of the game and in the league in Drk. He’s a top 10 player in my mind," he said. "That’s an easy source of excitement for me. And I like the guys we’re bringing in the fold. We’re getting younger. We are going to be a team that competes hard and scraps and claws. W’re going to be better and entertaining team and we’re going to win."


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