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Why the Rangers should deal Joe Nathan

I9t.ySz33T18ARLINGTON, Texas - The Rangers are going to nothing as the MLB trade deadline nears, at least that's according to the GM, which means they are going to acquire a hitter. Never believe anything a GM says at this time of the year, up to and including the time of day. All these guys do is lie.

If the bat is there, the Rangers should deal closer Joe Nathan. And I say this as guy who likes Joe Nathan.

The Rangers have too much pitching not to go for it, and enough quality arms in the bullpen to compensate for Nathan's departure. An AL West title may be gone, but who cares about winning the division? The baseball playoffs are now just about getting in.

"Our strength this year has been our pitching staff and we have guys in the pen. We have guys that have had good years and we're deep there," Nathan told me. "I know this game and I know what teams are trying to do. When you have a chance for the postseason you have to see what is available and what people are interested in and what can help and hurt the club. It's a tough gig for (the front office), too."

Nathan is one of the best closers in the game and he could bring the bat this team desperately needs, preferably in left field.

I say left only because I believe center fielder Leonys Martin is going to be a solid player, and that Mitch Moreland's bat will come around.

But Manny Ramirez is not going to make a dent on the big club and this team needs someone to drive in runs. Nathan could bring in that guy.


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