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YES! Sharknado 2 is coming to NYC

1327005088_tiffani-amber-thiessen-lg01After producing arguably the greatest worst movie of all time that nearly broke all social media, the SyFy channel is bringing us much pleasure again with Sharknado 2.

The SyFy channel has confirmed that it is ordering a sequel to the wildly popular Sharknado that destroyed Los Angeles.

This time a tornado full of sharks will destroy New York City. If you are so inclined, you can join Twitter in creating a subtitle for the new Sharknado here.

Assuming this popular franchise that appears to have cost no more than $35 to produce, a Sharknado will eventually destroy downtown Fort Worth, Milkwaukee and Topeka.

Bring it. My only suggestion is to not ask Ian Zierring and Tara Reid to reprise their roles; simply bring back cast members of Saved By the Bell, Melrose Place, or Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and other struggling former big time teen actors in need of a check.



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Jeff Dalto

We encourage people to get proper Sharknado Safety Training before watching this movie.

Or the sequel.

If you want to live through it, that is.

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