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50 years ago today - MLK's speech moved ahead of the rest

Fifty years ago today, at this very time - 3 p.m. ET, 2 p.m. CT - Martin Luther King finished one of the great speeches in American history. 

If you get a chance, or are ever in the Atlanta area, make your to his his museum, and down the street his former home. In the museum are included many of the artifacts and exhibits you might expect, and there is a video of something that includes of the former leader I have never seen before - MLK smiling and laughing. It makes him look like the human he obviously very much was.

Now, is the MLK "I Have a Dream" speech the very best? 

If it's not, it certainly rivals John F. Kennedy's inauguration address in 1961.
Or Ronald Reagan's address after the spaceshuttle Challenger.
Franklin D. Roosevelt's "A day of infamy" words after Pearl Harbor.
It is odd, but President Abe Lincoln's speech at Gettsyburg does not register on many of the "best of" lists for American speeches. Click here for a list.

Decide for yourself if MLK is No. 1.
The man could talk, and it's impossible not to feel chills in the final 30 seconds of this enduring speech.



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