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A big change to DFW sports radio is coming

SportsRadio+1310+The+TicketSports Radio 1310 The Ticket has owned the DFW sports radio market for the better part of two decades, and now its strength will only grow.

Cumulus, which owns and operates 1310 The Ticket, has reportedly agreed to operate (not purchase) ESPN Radio KESN-103.3 FM in Dallas and will run both stations. This was first reported by Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News.

Horn also wrote that the end of the September is the target date for The Ticket to assume control of ESPN 103.3 FM.

A source said the executives at ESPN Radio in Dallas were unaware of this merger until last night. This same source also said that ESPN's radio personnel will relocate from its office in Irving to downtown Dallas at Victory Park, where The Ticket currently operates. ESPN's Dallas affiliate built and moved into new offices in Irving approximately four years ago.

This source said ESPN's national programming, primarily Mike & Mike in the Morning and Colin Cowherd, will remain priorities. As for the local programming, which includes venerable radio voice Randy Galloway and other shows such as Durret and Fitzsimmons, not as much is certain. 

So far everyone involved has been told this acquisition will not affect the respective lineups at either station. Don't buy it. That's what they all say in the beginning, and a few months later changes are made. 

Currently both the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks have contracts with ESPN Radio 103.3 FM in Dallas as their respective flagship homes. How this acquisition affects their home on this signal is uncertain. You can bet neither team wants their games carried on the weaker AM signal.

There is a good chance Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket will relocate the majority of its programming to the 103.3 FM signal, while moving shows such as Mike & Mike In the Morning and The Cowherd to the AM signal.

UPDATE 3:37 p.m. CT: A source said that part of this agreement includes that ESPN's audio content will live on 103.3 KESN FM.

About the only area The Ticket, with its long established shows and personalities including Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell, Craig Miller, Norm Hitzges, George Dunham, Mike Rhyner, Corby Davidson, Gordon Keith et all, has not dominated in terms of local sports radio airwaves is the strength of signal. A move to this FM frequency should change that.


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Just as long as you're not on either station it should be good.


This is surprising, but you can easily connect the dots. KTCK has a relationship with Dallas Morning news. (Gordon Keith and radio host chat sessions). BELO owns WFAA and the Dallas Morning News. WFAA is an ABC affiliate. ESPN & ABC are under the same umbrella (Disney).


So how do Mike and Mike and the Musers stay?? They're on simultaneously.

Mr. Sunshine

"About the only area The Ticket ... has not dominated in terms of local sports radio airwaves is the strength of signal."

My god, The Ticket's signal must then be truly pathetic: here in Arlington I get DFW ground control frequently interrupting KESN 103.3's (ESPN's) broadcasts, so weak is KESN's signal. What interest The Ticket/Cumulus therefore has in KESN's 103.3 FM license, which they're essentially leasing, I have no idea except that they want to eliminate competition.

Also, the industry's gold standard for ratings, Arbitron, leaves a lot to be desired. In particular they don't distinguish between the disposable incomes of listeners. The Ticket may be where every DFW delivery-truck and auto body shop radio gets left as the workday slogs on, but after The Musers and Norm Hitzges have left the airwaves at noon The Ticket's lineup is absolute infantile dreck - as fine a testament there is to the low intellect of DFW residents generally. I strongly suspect that if a more thorough analysis were done KESN's audience would prove to be of higher income, professional and social responsibility and therefore much greater decision-making and big-ticket spending power - now that's the ticket.


So glad that I have Sirius radio cause the ticket stinks! They never talk sports and when they do the are reporting stuff that is 24-48 hours late.

Feel bad for those who have to listen to the garbage radio that they are about to be forced to listen to.

What what

Espn - the worldwide leader in sports (except in Dallas fort worth)

What what

If you can't beat em, give em total control.

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