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A massive loss for TCU football

Fid7142When I asked TCU head coach Gary Patterson his biggest area of concern for his team, he said the offensive line. That was Wednesday. On Thursday, that concern just became much bigger.

Starting right tackle Tayo Fabuluje has quit the team, according to the school. Personal reasons. Good timing. Fall practice only starts today.

This offensive line was young, and overmatched for most of the 2012 season. They weren't experienced, and not strong enough. An offensive assistant told me Fabuluje was their most talented offensive lineman, but still raw.

Fabuluje (6-foot-7, 315 pounds)  played in all 12 games last season for TCU after he transferred from BYU. On the depth chart as the No. 2 at right tackle is sophomore Halapoulivaati Vaitai, who is 6-6, 308 pounds.  

This would be a real problem if LSU's defensive line was any good.

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purple back

I'm so excited about the LSU game I can hardly stand it. Beating LSU is validation on a national stage. We are going to miss this kid. I didn't like our chances a month ago but a loss like this could be the end. Casey better be at the top of his game if we are going to have a chance against the Tigers.


that is terrible timing...He went through Spring practice and summer workouts and then quits?
Same thing happened to Tech with a starting D Tackle.


Big loss for TCU. Rasco is an upgrade from Sam Montgomery. Beside Rasco, LSU's defensive line is full of NFL talent.

Cleveland Canova

Too bad LSU does not put DL in the NFL every year.

red rocket

nice troll attempt


This would be a real problem if LSU's defensive line was any good

You must be delusional. Even if this guy was still on the team, their O-line was at a serious disadvantage to LSU's D-Line. Don't think that just because we lost some D-Line starters to the draft that we are in a "rebuilding" stage on the D-Line. The Freak is coming! You will soon see! LSU, BIG!

Chris (Geaux Tigers)

LSU had an OL quit last year, but for different personal reasons. Prayers to the families of those two young players in the auto accident. Hope this young man can overcome his grief and come back to football.


"This would be a real problem if LSU's defensive line was any good"

This has to be a joke. Right? Right??!

Jimmie Rustler

im sure the 3rd string o-lineman can hold his own against that historically poor dline lsu puts out. AMIRITE?


Historically TCU doesn't have these kind of problems because GMFP doesn't recruit quiters. It must be fairly important personal reasons for this guy to leave the team at this time. I sincerely hope he and his family are ok.
And with that, GO FROGS!


Who is TCU.

Never heard of them.


I hate how TCU always steals the top D-Line recruits from LSU. TCU has always focused on defense over offense. I hope LSU can pull out some trick plays to get past that big, scary, and fast Frog D!


Little Mac doesn't want to give TCU any credit if it should happen to beat LSU. Sick of his anti-TCU and RARELY EVER read his columns or blogs--full of himself . . . Galloway is class!!!!


Did you post my previous comment Mac ?? From a world-class athlete who reads you loud and clear in your anti-TCU constant frame of mind . . . FYI : NOT a TCU graduate--from another major school . . .


My previous comment now gone. Can't take the heat Mac????

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