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A survivor of the TCU Sorority Bid Day Massacre recounts the horror

1170859_4675810312468_2142516495_nNot sure how she made it, but TCU freshman and pledging sorority girl Shelby Donovan survived what will forever be known as the Bid Day Massacre.

The following video went viral recently where more than a dozen TCU freshmen sorority pledges were running through the middle of campus and tripped over something that God only knows why was there in the first place.

What Donovan and so many others tripped over was a cover to a collection of cables running to a DJ's table.



Donovan was one of the several girls who not only wiped out, but has not sued the pants off of the school. In the still photo, she is the one who bit it.

She spoke exclusively to The Big Mac Blog to recount the horror:

"We had just been (in the student union). And our sorority was last and we were all anxious to run up (the hill). We were all excited and running probably faster than we should. We were running past security and they were saying, 'Go slow, go slow, don't trip, don't fall.'"

At this point, Donovan's life turns into a living nightmare.

"We completely ignored them," she said. "I was holding hands with 2 girls and I was running as fast as I could. I wasn't paying attention and I couldn't see the thing in the middle of the commons at all and I just completely wiped out. And they let go of my hands and they kept running."

The bond of sorority sisterhood is strong.

"And then I heard the video went viral. Everybody asked why that thing was there - it was like a huge speed bump," she said. "It was really embarrassing, but this sort of things happens to me all the time. ... I have battle scars from it. I have a pretty big scar on my knee."

The only thing missing from this video is WLS radio announcer Herbert Morrison's famous account of the Hindenberg crash: "It's burst into flames! It's crashing, terrible! Oh my, get out of the way ... this is terrible. This is one of the worst catastrophes in the world. It's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. Oh the humanity!"

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Saw the video and thought the Les Nessman version (re:Hindenberg reference) would be great. Oh the humanity...

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