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Forget Baylor, Texas or TCU - SMU is building a men's hoops power

Don't sweat how long this will last, so just enjoy it while you can. SMU's decision to hire Larry Brown as its men's basketball coach brought the donations, and now the players are coming.

By next season SMU should challenge Baylor as the best team in the state. Don't waste your time with a cross-town rivalry with TCU, which at best is two years away. SMU can win now because it is landing monster recruits that normally go to Kansas, North Carolina or Kentucky.

First it was McDonald's All-American Keith Frazier (Dallas Kimball), who is signed for this season, and now it's Emmanuel Mudiay. The 6-foot-5 guard from Arlington (Arlington/Prime Prep) is rated as one of the top high school seniors in the country. He picked SMU over Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State.

Let that sink in - he picked SMU over Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State.

BCXW.AuSt.79Frazier was the first McDonald's All-American to pick SMU, and now Mudiay has to be of equal stature. Frazier is part of a recruiting class that is rated as high as 14th for this season, and the addition of Mudiay will make next year's recruiting class for SMU one of the nation's best.

SMU made a major committment to basketball as it is re-doing Moody Coliseum, and threw a truckload of money at the cash-loving Brown. It obviously worked, and he is landing some of this area's best players. No one at TCU or SMU has been able to do that on this level ... ever.

The only other time SMU landed A player of this caliber was Larry Johnson, who never actually attended SMU. So not quite sure that one counts.

Recruits are obviously not scared of Brown's age (72), or his reputation as a guy who will leave tomorrow. Big-time recruits don't think about four years. They may think about two.

These are the types of players who normally leave Texas to play college ball.

If Brown stays at SMU for four years it will be a major victory for the Ponies administration. The last time he stayed anywhere for that long was the Philadelphia 76ers, where he was from 1997 to 2003.

Hiring Brown was never going to be a long-term solution. The additions of locals like Frazier and now Mudiay indicate this short-term play is working.

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Larry Brown's son just enrolled at SMU so we know he is there for at least 4 more years.

Cash to Recruits

I can't believe Mudiay signed with SMU. I'm stunned. It stinks of the "Pony Express". Dale Brown was a big catch for SMU, and I thought it would be a big boost, but even I didn't see this coming. SMU will be ranked next year. 'Leave Town' will have that team playing well next year. I'm beyond stunned. I'd write more but I have to go puke. Go Ponies I guess?!?


wow, is Engel being a real journalist, I cant believe it


Dale Brown? LARRY Brown is the Hall of Famer with an NBA championship, an NCAA championship and four former players who also are enshrined in the Hall of Fame. The man is the ultimate teacher.

Want evidence as to why Kansas and Kentucky will back off, even though Mudiay can't sign for months? Brown has hired both John Calipari and Bill Self — Self even flew to Dallas to be there when SMU announced Brown's hiring.

Larry Brown is as good as it gets, and top-tier players are starting to see that. Things are looking up — WAY up — on the Hilltop.


PonyUp! SMU isn't just on the rise it's here. 14th ranked class with 3 transfers and all five starters returning means a talented and deep team that can compete with anyone. Mudiay and the '14 class will put them over the top.

pay 4 play

Larry Brown has one or two more good runs in the NCAA tourney left in him before SMU gets put on probahation for a very long time. Anybody who didn't see this coming is blind and stupid. A storied coach wants cash and one more shot at glory. What does he care of SMU pays its players and he gets a slap on the wrist at age 75. An idiot could have predicted this.

eric k

I hate to say I told you so but what do you expect. Larry Brown's kids are getting paid big money to come to SMU. Do you really think he was 'clean' when he was in Kansas --- not! Funny thang about it is that some of the Clippers teams he coached probably got less money than his SMU squad is getting. Larry don't care. He's getting paid like his kids are.

Big Dave TCU

Yeh because you only have to pay a few players not a whole team. Cant wait to see us destroy them this year in football! WE ARE THE DFW TEAM!!!!


Word is Top Juco shooting guard Darrick Wood is set to commit......

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