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Gary Patterson & Les Miles are bluffing

Devonte-Fields-SuspendedRight now both LSU head coach Les Miles and TCU head coach Gary Patterson are being cute about the possible availibility of two of their best individual football players for this rather large football game on the football field.

We are less than 48 hours from LSU traveling to play No. 20 TCU at Cowboys Stadium in The Biggest Game in the History of Big.

Both GP and Miles are full of it. Neither LSU running back Jeremy Hill nor TCU defensive end Devonte Fields will play on Saturday night. If they do, the Cowboys Classic should be re-named the Hypocrite Bowl.

Both coaches, as far as Xs and Os, would prefer to have these guys at their disposal. 
Neither coach, as leaders of men who have to report to higher ups, can use these guys right now. Expect both Hill and Fields to sit the first two games of the season.

As a fan, it stinks for the obvious reasons - both are big time producers missing a big time game.

Fields was suspended ages ago for the first two games of the season for a "violation of team rules; university policy, blah blah blah."
Hill was suspended for a bar fight, among other incidents dating further back. But he was also reinstated, but will likely still have to serve a punishment.

As much as Patterson would like to have his best defender, and Miles his most proven skill player, neither men will play them on Saturday night. Or the next game.

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