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Herschel Walker: "A lot of these players are using something."

IMG_2350ARLINGTON, Texas - Look at this guy ... he is 51 years old. Says he weighs 221, which is roughly what Herschel Walker weiged in his NFL career.

He may never have won a Super Bowl, but he won the athletic gene pool lottery. The guy is a freak. He insists it's all natural, which ... OK. Let's go with it. Walker has always been at the top of the gene pool.

Walker was at AT&T Stadium to help promote UFC 167, and the fight between Georges St.-Pierre and Johny Hendricks.
As much of a fitness freak as Walker claims to be, I wondered what he thought when he watched an NFL game today. Whether these guys are clean.
"There are a lot of these players using something," Walker told me. "That is what sad to me and it angers me a lot.
I may be hard or cold, but I don't think the penalties are harsh enough. You have to get them to stop. They just cheat, get caught, serve a suspension and come back. It's ruining this sport.
"Take baseball, what record can you say is real? That is what is so hard. It's sad that this world has come to people cheating. But, cheating makes you a lot of money."

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Might as well lift the ban on steroids and other enhancing drugs. The records are so diluted now to the point they don't mean very much anymore.


Herschel walker is a user. The guy is a walking commercial for PEDs. The guy was a great player and physically very gifted. But it's a total joke to think he didn't use drugs back then and a complete laugh to think he is clean today.

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