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How Johnny Football became Cam Newton

Cam-newton-auburn2010More good news for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Controversy - this time he reportedly accepted money for signing autographs. 

The NCAA is probing Johnny Football for this; can't the NCAA find a better verb than "probe"? It creates such an uncomfortable image of doctor's office and a white glove. Just go with investigate.

Everyone and their brother are making millions off your name, likeness, etc. and you don't see a cut? How long can you deal with that before you think, "I'll just take a little bit."

The free education thing for the NCAA holds water for nearly every "athlete-student" except for the Johnny Manziels, who are royally screwed out of a chance to make money in a way they may never again. This is where the law, and the NCAA, have to create a way for the residuals to see some of those pockets. As long as they don't, these stories are going to surface.

Meanwhile, as A&M's fall practice opens our favorite quarterback still can't avoid negative headlines even without Instagram.

This basically puts A&M's 2013 season in serious dog doo; if Manziel is found to have accepted money, he will be inelgible and the Aggies' season is over. Either way, this guy is gone after this season to an NFL bench.

This is what will happen - the NCAA will magically not find any conclusive evidence, Manziel will play and all be well for one of the most profitable teams, and names, in college football today. The NCAA is a business first, people.

It all reeks of the 2010 Auburn Tigers when quarterback Cam Newton was covered in controversy that his father sold his playing rights to the highest bidder between Mississippi State and Auburn. The story was totally believable, yet the NCAA never did find sufficient evidence to defrock the 2010 BCS title champions, and Heisman Trophy winner.

ESPN's Outside the Lines may find something concrete, which will force the NCAAs hands. It won't, Manziel will play and this story will just add another chapter to the greatness that is Johnny Football.


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Johnny Football, R.I.P.

Johnny Football is throwing it away with two hands. He should have handled all this stuff way better. It could be a while before we see a Heisman handed out to a freshman.

I wish there was a more overt way for Johnny Football to profit from all the cash he is bringing to the University. One way he can put LOTS of cash in his pocket is to behave. He will be out in the real world soon enough. If he would wise up, his value in the NFL or where ever he lands would be higher if he didn't act like such a dunce.

Laura S.

I disagree with The NCAA not giving enough to the players. The NCAA is there to make money too. If Manzel would take care of himself, behave, and continue to work hard there would be huge financial rewards on the other side of all this. The NCAA does a great job and should be paid. If Manzel would be a behave he would make tons of dough whenever he decides to enter the working world doing whatever.


Johnny Manziel's roommate got Johhny to autograph two footballs that were auctioned off for charity. I saw those footballs before they were auctioned in my small town.

Admitted cocaine user and convicted drunk driver Casey Pachell stood by and did nothing while his roommate Tanner Brock sold drugs.


Laura, the NCAA is the enforcer of what in any other situation would be an illegal conspiracy in restraint of trade. There is no way that athletes in college football and basketball receive anything remotely proportional to the riches they bring into their institutions; inasmuch as it is difficult to find the time to study and learn much while meeting their coaches' needs, only the most determined even get a college education out of it. And all of it is a tax dodge: without the tax exemptions for "non-profits," these minor league professional teams probably would not survive (consider the fate of once-thriving minor league baseball teams). I would love to see Congress end this racket once and for all.

Dr. Steven Watkins

Dear Mac,

As usual, the NCAA casts Johnny Manziel as the villian in this drama and itself as the righteous defender of the "student athlete." Give me a break! What has Johnny Manziel done that is wrong! He has engaged in an activity related to his future profession that is generating revenue for his organization and himself. Last time I checked, the man is over the age of eighteen, considered an adult. In any other athletic situation, a young person over the age of eighteen can earn valuable money, except for college football. And anybody who defends the NCAA is absolutely living in fantasy land!!

Conspiracy theories much?

I agree that the Manziels of the world often get "royally screwed" with all the money they bring to their programs, and whether Manziel has violated NCAA rules remains to be seen.

But you seem to be implying that the NCAA flat-out lied when it cleared Cam Newton of any involvement in that pay-for-play scandal involving his father. I suppose they also falsified the results of their 13-month investigation clearing Auburn and Newton of any wrongdoing as well?

This post reeks of typical SEC hate(jealousy?) from the Dallas media. I assume you must have some shred of evidence to back up your "totally believable" accusations, right Mr. Engel?

Mr. Engel? You there? Hello?

(odds of this comment being approved by the author = about 10,000 to 1)


The NCAA is like a proud parent. They look after student athletes. Everybody keeps talking about the money but forgotten in the shuffle is how much the NCAA does for student athletes. Manzell is lucky to have the caring and watchful eye of the NCAA looking out for him.

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