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How will it end for Walter White on Breaking Bad?

WalterThere has not been a darker, nastier and more complex title character in this, or any, era of TV than Walter White on Breaking Bad. From beleaguered and burdened high school science teacher to meth maker to a murdering drug kingpin, White's rise on Breaking Bad has been as entertaining as anything on the idiot box in years. 

Bryan Cranston's run as White has run the gamut, from slapstick (throwing a pizza on a roof) to powerful (telling Jessie to "run" after he ran over a couple of would-be assassins) to sympathetic (cancer scares) to menacing (pick a handful of murders). Cranston has made this character believable despite a series of preposterous scenarios. It worked because White is such a bright man he was able to out-smart the dummies that surrounded him.

White's run is about to end, as the final eight episodes of this fantastic show begin a 8 p.m. CT on Sunday evening on AMC. If you recall, in the first half of this fifth season, White had transformed into a psychopath, eliminating just about everything in his way with the exception of his trusted friend, Jessie.

In the final moments, however, of the last episode White had "gotten out" and appeared to have made enough money to satisfy his debts, and needs. But his brother-in-law law enforcement agent appears to have figured it out.

BB-tease-21Personally, I want to see White get away with it but no story arc that is destined for tragedy ends with the dark character walking away with a trophy in hand. Walter is going to get got. Someone he doesn't suspect is going to get him, or his cancer has returned.

Here are the possible outcomes:

a.) Caught and apprehended by his DEA brother in law, Hank.
b.) His former partner, Jesse Pinkman, stages a violent coup and assumes control of his meth operation.
c.) Jesse turns in Walter.
d.) Walter's wife, Skyler, turns him in.
e.) Skyler kills Walter.
f.) Walter's cancer returns and kills him, or the finale implies death.
g.) Nothing happens and Walter continues on, and returns to teaching. 
h.) Other ...  

Right now I'm leaning towards the wife, in the green room, with the gun.




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No way. Everyone important in the show will die. This series is set up as tragedy. Hank has to die. Embittering Skyler even more. Walter Jr. possibly, pushing Skyler to her limits. If they want to tear us apart Holly gets it too. Finally, Skyler will get shot in a terrible misunderstanding/accident. Jesse will become such a threat to Walt that he has to go too. Finally, Walt will end up rich and alone. Then, cancer kills hims off too. Neatly wrapped up with nobody happy.

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