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It's back! Fearle$$ football predictions

ImagesFor the third consecutive year I am going to do what I do so poorly (no, not write; that's 1a) - picking football games. Tonight is the start of the 2013 amateur football season, and the time to get fake rich.

In each of the last two years I have picked five games each week against the line to see how smart I is. So far, I'm a giant plus winner. I begin the season with $50 of Monopoly money and fake bet a $10 on each of the five games.

2011: +110
2012: +80 (the Super Bowl pro bets bailed me out from a season of financial ruin and emotional depression)

This week's picks:
1. Texas Tech (-5.5) at SMU. RED RAIDERS. Have no idea what to expect from Coach Dude Bro, but I think they're better than the Ponies.
2. Mississippi State at Okie State (-12.5). MSU. T Boone's toy wins, but Miss State covers.
3. Northwestern (-6) at Cal. WILDCATS. This is going to be a good team.
4. Ole Miss (-3) at Vandy. OLE MISS. I'm a Bo Wallace fan, but the Rebels always screw things up.
5. Boise State at Washington (-3). HUSKIES. I like the new stadium factor.


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go ole miss bears!

I appreciate your confidence in the Rebels but the Vandy game scares me. Traditionaly, Vandy sucks and Ole Miss usually has a stout enough pay roll to field a competitive/interesting team. Things have change. Ole Miss's pay roll has blown up and Vandy is a border line legit team.

Again; I appreciate your faith in the Rebel Nation but I'm staying away from this one.

Rebel Up

Your faith in the Rebel Nation is well placed.

Game on my young gamer.

Game on.

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