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Rangers' "balk off" among top finishes this season

MLB umpire CB Bucknor went epically stupid on Tuesday night in Seattle when he called a "walk off balk" against the Seattle Mariners that allowed the Texas Rangers to score the game-winning run in the top of the 10th inning.

I have watched this clip at least a dozen times to see why Bucknor would call a balk on Mariners reliever Danny Farquhar. 

Bucknor was quoted by Jeff Wilson of The Star-Telegram: "He was looking in for his sign, and he started up and stopped and moved his left shoulder. Any movement associated with his set position -- he doesn't come and stop -- is a balk."

This is CYA. It was a blown call. Click here for the video on

Regardless, this "finish" ranks among the top three more enjoyable endings to a Rangers' game this season.

No. 3. Aug. 27 - Rangers 4, Mariners 3 in 10 innings. Balk off

No. 2. June 20 - Rangers 4, Athletics 3. This was a great game that ended at home plate when center fielder Craig Centry threw to Elvis Andrus, whose relay to catcher A.J. Pierzynski was just in time to tag out Josh Donaldson to end the game.

No. 1 July 31 - Rangers 2, Angels 1. Adrian Beltre hit a walk-off home run to end a string of three straight Rangers' wins on walk off home runs.



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Dan G

Problem was, he wasn't in his set position... he was looking for his sign! Amazing, but hey, that's the way baseball go!

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