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Reveille & pony show - Johnny Football to be suspended

Johnny-manziel-girls-photos-smallAccording to Mr. Billy Liucci of, quarterback Johnny Football may will be suspended for the first half of A&M's season opener against Rice on Saturday. I'm not sure if this is more of a suspension, or a favor.

This may actually change Manziel's plans for this weekend. There was a good chance that Manziel was not planning to play at all in favor of appearing at a few autograph shows, and then hit Sixth Street in Austin after the Texas-New Mexico State game on Saturday night.

Mr. Liucci's Twitter reads that Sir Manziel was not found guilty of accepting payment for the autographs that he signed, and allegdly accepted thousands of dollars in cash, according to ESPN reports. Shocking that A&M did not find Manziel accepted cash, or that Manziel was dumb enough to help create a paper trail.

Manziel met with the NCAA for six hours the other day, and this suspension sounds like a move to both spank Johnny Stupid and send a message to the NCAA that the Ags have taken care of this.

This suspension is a way for Aggies AD Eric Hyman and head coach Kevin Sumlin to send a message to their popular QB to be less dumb. It's an easy suspension to enforce because there will be no way the Aggies lose this game. It should also mollify an NCAA that needs to look as if they are doing their job in regards to rule enforcement, despite the fact it has zero financial incentive to do so.


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If incontrovertible proof existed that JM accepted money for autographs, why wouldn't the NCAA enforce sanctions against A&M? The NCAA is noted for long, drawn out investigations before imposing sanctions. Who is to say that, ultimately, they
will not sanction A&M? Naturally, those others seeking (another)
National Championship and a Heisman candidate favor
immediate suspension since who wants Johnny M running
around loose in their secondary again? If J.M. Is guilty, it will all
hang out in due course. Meantime, let the games begin.

Bob In Arlington

The gutless NCAA has once again shown the capacity to simply roll over and play dead for certain athletes in high profile schools.

Johnny "Autograph Hound" has beaten the system by simply saying NO. But the NCAA has shown a double standard as several black players have gone punished more severly for less offenses of NCAA rules.

It clearly appears that a double standard exists for players like Pryor of Ohio State and Dez Bryant of Okie State.

Why,we clearly know that Johnny is from a wealthy family, who hired expensive attorneys to protect their interests,... while potentially poorer athletes were more severly punished.

The NCAA needs some backbone, and Texas A&M needs to standup on their proclaimed high standard of A&M tradition.

The NCAA has now set a new standard where ANY player can sell his autographs, the say they didn't do it and only be assessed a one half of one game penalty for rules violations of profiting from signing their name.

Sad day for College Football that has now shown that all of its athletes are clearly "Semi-Pro" performers.

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