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Score 1 for Jon Daniels in landing the bat the Rangers need

WhiteSoxvMariners8.12.09_2Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels waited until it was unlikely, and some (me) thought nearly impossible, but today he pulled off the second deal his team desperately needed to "go for it" by landing Chicago White Sox outfielder Alex Rios.

The first was Matt Garza. Now Rios. Advantage Los Rangers.

Even before the 50-game suspension currently being served by Nelson Cruz this offense desperately needed a bat, and Rios may had better provide just that. He will only if he cares, is engaged. Some of the scouting reports on Mr. Rios this season aren't terribly flattering, even if the numbers are. 

Rios has some dog in him. Not the good kind. 

Daniels said he has no worries about this rap; that players tend to all buy in to manager Ron Washington and play for him.

"We had interest in him before Nelson's suspension," Daniels said on a conference call this afternoon.

He's batting .277 with 12 home runs and 55 RBI this season. The man can hit, and if he can fit in and be comfortable. Never take that for granted.

"He fits in extremely well," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "We are not going to change our style of play. I'm more than a certain he'll be a tremendous asset."

Daniels has been roasted for not landing the bat either during the offseason, or before the MLB trade deadline. Now he deserves credit for landing the presence this offense needs to give this club the best chance not only to make the playoffs, but to win in them.

If we're going to bash Daniels for doing nothing, he should be applauded when he does something as well.


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