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TCU's QB spot is set beyond Casey Pachall

20121027_mjm_ar9_373_28017117_430288FORT WORTH, Texas - Lost in all of this "Casey Back" love for the return of TCU quarterback Casey Pachall is the understudy who deserves a merit badge for the work he did last season.

What Trevone Boykin did as a redshirt freshman to replace Pachall on zero notice was one of the most under appreciated feats of the 2012 college football season. There is no 7-6 record and a handful of memorable Big 12 road wins with a guy who had never played Division I college football. He never looked scared.

"It was crazy. I just had to step into a role I'm familiar with and play my part," Boykin told me recently. "That first game (against Iowa State) was so fast."

If Boykin never does another thing for the TCU football program he should always be fondly remembered for last year.

No, he's not dead. He has three years left, and if all goes according to his plan he figures to do more than just be the guy who led the team in its first year in the Big 12.

Coach Gary Patterson has said the job is open between Pachall and Boykin, and that the latter improved dramatically in the spring. Enough to the point where both QBs will be used during the season. Pachall is going to be the starter, but Boykin envisions starting in 2014 and 2015.

"That's what it comes down to - that's exactly what I was thinking," Boykin said. 

This plan is not a sure thing given the quarterback recruits the team has coming, but considering the progress Boykin made it would be foolish to rule this scenario out. His teammates responded to him, and he never once played afraid.

The two areas where Boykin had to improve is the ability to throw the ball effectively over the middle, and his release point.

GP often told his QB last season, if "you're going to throw over the middle, be sure." Pachall has the green light for those throws whereas Boykin had to earn it.

Fid8218"Any quarterback can throw outside. It's a hard throw, but on this level any quarterback can make that throw," Boykin said. "Down the middle is where you make your money."

(Love that line)

"When you throw a ball to the teeth of the defense, it's the attention to detail," he said. "I've never second-guessed it. If I'm going to throw it, I'm going to throw it. It's about being more conscious about what is going on in the middle of the field."

Listed generously as 6-foot-2, it would help if Boykin's release point was a bit higher and more upright. Last season, he threw the ball more at three-quarters than closer to 90 degrees.

"Even my high school coach sends me text messages about it. It wasn't like it in high school," he said. "Me taking a year off as a redshirt I got lazy with it and it became a habit. You want your elbow at 90 degrees. It became more like I was slinging the ball."

This season is going to be about Casey Pachall, but it would be foolish to forget, or even rule out, Trevone Boykin.


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Boykin is not the QB this year or the next or the next. TCU recruited 3 highly rated QBs this year for a reason.

Charles Hill

Patterson drop the ball on the LSU game.The right thing to do was let Boykin start and play the complete game.The young man got you thru last season,it would not have hurt to give him that game.Of course its Pachall`s season to start after that,but to throw him in to that game after his time-off was not wise. I`m speaking to the aspect of game speed and rust.Don`t get me wrong he did a decent job.Coach Patterson could have said so much by starting Boykin,without speaking a word. Good luck TCU ! Just a Ft.Worth Fan!

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