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The elephant that forces us to ask uncomfortable questions about Shawn Bradley

IMG_2417FORT WORTH, Texas - Trying to find some way to create a bridge between wakey time and bed time, I joined the millions of parents who take their kids to the circus. Thank you Ringling Bros., for now I too have joined the sacred brotherhood of dads/moms who learned just what a giant band of suckers our parents were.

As much fun as it is to watch the wonderment of a child's eyes light up at the massive amount of stimulation a circus provides from the clowns to the lions to the alarming quantity of sugar it's almost depressing to think of the money blown on something as cheap as a slushy ($16 - can't make that up).

Not to be lost in the circus trip, however, is the other sad realization: These guys can train an elephant to do what former Dallas Mavericks center Shawn Bradley could not - dunk a basketball.

Don't ask how I lucked into taking this picture at the exact moment this elephant went Blake Griffin on this goal but think about it - he goes strong to the rack, is unmovable off the low block, will dunk a ball and then paint a picture. All he needs is a little bit of food, maybe just peanuts, and the verbal assurance he won't be punished for pooping where he wants.


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