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The frustration with prospective Cowboys free agents continues

Sean_Lee-1Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee can make plays, provided he is on the field. His history suggests that is not a sure thing.

So only would the Dallas Cowboys make re-signing a potential free agent with a history of injuries to an extension before he proves he can stay on the football field to make positive football plays in the National Football League during an entire football season. 

Cowboys owner/president GM/head coach Jerry Jones said that re-signing Lee to an extension is a priority.

Why, God? 

Spring of '08: Lee suffers torn ACL in a non-contact drill and misses season at Penn State.
2010: Lee suffers hamstring injury multiple times. Plays through it as a Cowboys rookie.
2011: Lee suffers dislocated left wrist on Oct. 30, misses but one game. 
2012: Lee dislocates a toe on Oct. 21 and misses the rest of the season. 

None of these injuries is related. This is merely a pattern of a player who looks injury prone.

So why, why, why rush to give a player an extension who may not be able to survive a season to merit long-term, big bucks?

Lee, on the field, is there. He's a dynamic player who can cover, make plays at the line, and would run through a truck to win. You want Sean Lee on your team.

An injured Sean Lee, however, is not worth an extension.

This is what the Cowboys do - rush to extend guys when the smarter money says either don't spend it at all, or wait.

Roy Williams, the safety.
Roy Williams, the WR.
Jay Ratliff.
Ken Hamlin.
Marion Barber.

Why not wait until the season is over before burying Lee in cash?


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football scientist

Tony Romo should never have gotten the big money. What a stupid move by JJ. Flacco earned his contract even though he really isn't deserving of that type of money; few players are. I hope we lose all our games this year and Jerry sells the team to the Chinese or some other equally disinterested party.


I'll take an injured Sean Lee on the field over most of the healthy linebackers in the league. Yes the injuries are concerning, but he is difference maker on the field. Don't see enough of those around him on the roster. SIGN HIM NOW!


So why, why, why rush to give a player an extension?

Because Jerry Jones does not know what he is doing.

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