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This area of the Cowboys is a disaster zone

6a00e54f7fc4c58833017c345984a2970b-300wiIRVING, Texas - Don't bother listening to the spin coming from Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett or team vice president Stephen Jones - the offensive line is a sports tragedy waiting to happen. And they all know it.

Garrett tried to downplay the not so surprising revelation that starting right tackle Doug Free was working at guard on Wednesday. No big deal, says the coach. Only Free, according to Stephen Jones, is likely to see action at a position he has never played, including high school, when the Cowboys play the Bengals on Saturday night.

The Cowboys have tried, and failed, to sign veteran Brandon Moore and Brian Waters since the start of training camp because they obviously do not like their current options at guard. 

Garrett said that Free is "long" and that this type of workout adds versatility; it's a load. Free's biggest problem is one of strength, which is what guard play is all about. He is a good athlete with decent feet, but he often was pushed back by opposing defensive ends last season.

Now they are going to look at him at guard because they do not like David Arkin, Kevin Kowalski or Nate Livings. And they are obviously fearful that Ronald Leary, who is scheduled to start, is not going to be fully recovered from his knee scope performed a few weeks ago. Remember - Leary is an undrafted free agent last season who has never started an NFL game. And one of the biggest reasons he was undrafted out of Memphis in '11 was knee issues.

Ideally, this is what their line will look like on the season opener: 

LT: Tyron Smith
LG: Ron Leary
C: Travis Frederick
RG: Mackenzy Bernadeau
RT: Doug Free 

Godspeed, Tony Romo.

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How does Jerry not realize the oline was a problem last year?
How does Jerry draft a WR in the 3rd round when we had the 2nd worst rushing offense in Dallas history?

mike wise

put costa at center and move fredrick to guard.... I think costa can hold his own more at center then jeremy parnell at right tackle or free at guard. While fredrick has played well at center I think that he can play well enough at guard to fill in for a while.


It's just more of the same from the Jone's. They had all the off season to address what they knew to be a problem the offensive line.

It gets old listening to the guy's making their spin.


Great job Jerry draft a TE who can't block in the 2nd rd. instead of getting a guard

Jim Merritt

Ho hum just another 5 to 8 win season, nothings changed. Note to cow sheep it will remain this way as long as the Village IDIOT remains the GM and, really controls all other aspects of the team. So as long as you sheep keep filling his shrine ever home game nothing will ever change because as long as he is drawing in mulit-millions per game he is happy, happy, happy.

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