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This week's Inexcusable 5

122With the start of college football marks the return of the slew of games that are so lopsided on paper they offend the senses. The following games are nothing more than a giant cash-grab by the underdog school to cover athletic department expenses.

The only reason to watch is if you have family/friends playing the game, are an alum, or are gambling junkie:

1. SUNY-Buffalo at No. 2 Ohio State. Buckeyes by 35
Buffalo was 4-8 last season. OSU was a little bit better.

2. UMass at No. 23 Wisconsin. Badgers by 44.5
UMass was 1-11 last season. Wisconsin was a little bit better.

3. Central Michigan at No. 17 Michigan. Wolverines by 32
Central Michigan was 7-6 last season. Michigan was a little bit better.

4. New Mexico State at No. 15 Texas. Horns by 42.5
New Mexico State was 1-11 last season. Texas was a little bit better.

5. Temple at No. 14 Notre Dame. Irish by 30.
Temple was 4-7 last season. ND was a little bit better. 


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S.E.C. is #1.

This chick is epic. She can be the only reason to watch Big 10 Football.

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