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Video: Galloway & Big Mac post predictions for Frogs, Bears, Horns & Aggies



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T. Boone Pickens

Great video segment boys. Love your stuff.

While your insights are completely without insight, they are humorous.

I've finally made my choice; TCU will beat LSU. If Casey gets hot LSU could be on the run on night.


Have these guys ever seen a college football game

horns up

priceless. always funny. rarely informative. always entertaining.


All I will say is Good grief! The only reason it was a video is you can't write stupidity and make sense of it!


This is horrible.


Does Muck know that the Bell Dozer isn't starting for Oklahoma?


I love these video segments! these guys are too cute and too fun! these videos are like a guilty little pleasure!

brandon saint randie

You guys totally rock! And yes, you have a massive under ground following.

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