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When Gary Patterson's commentary could have applied to Gary Patterson

Gary+Patterson+BYU+v+TCU+dGRPh-T6xLcl(The man once so shy around the cameras is now a media star - so on behalf of all of the sports media, thank you Gary Patterson for the following winner)

TCU head coach Gary Patterson is calling out LSU head ball coach Les Miles for his handling of running back Jeremy Hill's suspension/non-suspension for a laundry list of items. It looks like the Tigers' most explosive offensive/stupid player will play for the Tigers against the Horned Frogs later this month.

Miles said Hill is back from a three-month suspension because the team voted him back. That's weird. A really talented kid who can play is wanted back his teammates ... who knew?

A few months ago, Patterson suspended his best defensive player, defensive end Devonte Fields, two games for a violation of team rules. Patterson told the Star-Telegram yesterday:

“My whole team would vote Devonte to be back on the team because they all want to win. That doesn’t teach life lessons.”

He continued: "I’m sure if it was some opponent they’d beat by 100 points [the players] wouldn’t have a vote. It’s not my worry. I’ve got to play whoever they put on the field.”

Gary is dead on about this. Alas, however, he may want to check the mirror.

It was just about one year ago when he elected not to suspend his best player, quarterback Casey Pachall, after it was revealed he did any number of "things" that could easily have warranted a suspension. We all know how this ended.

Les_Miles_running_onto_field_in_front_of_teamEach case, and kid, is different. Sometimes they warrant immediate action - i.e. suspension, removal - or a second (third?) chance.

Reading about Jeremy Hill, the dude sounds like a dope. Two misdemeanor charges in 18 months; a sucker punch at a bar and a "guilty plea to a charge of carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old girl, stemming from an incident in December 2010 when he was at Redemptorist High School."

Jeremy Hill is not the first dummy Les Miles has had to handle before; from Jordan Jefferson to Honey Badger, the grass-eating coach has suspended, or not suspended, guys regularly. The same for Gary, although not as often; from Pachall to the weed dealers, to Aaron Brown (violation of team rules) to Tommy Blake (where to begin?).

All major Division I coaches have to deal with knuckleheads, and each has to navigate the impossibility of fairness, life lessons and the most important thing of them all - winning and keeping your eight-figure salary.

Selfishly, I appreciate Gary's comments because it provides wonderful fodder and adds to the hype of the game. I also can't imagine he meant the comments the way they are portrayed because he's been where Les is standing right now, and he's made similar slippery-sloped decisions.


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Are you serious?! How can you compare Gary with Les, when Gary immediately dismisses four players (3 starters) from the team. Les at most would suspended LSU players for maybe a game depending on the opponent. Okay, Pachael was allowed to play, but once Gary realized his QB had serious control substance problem issues, he felt it was in everybody's best interest for Pachael to leave the team until he received professional help. Pachael realized his need for help, and he took care of it, and was reinstated back for the 2013 season. Did and does Miles take the time and his own money like Coach P., Right. You need to get ALL your facts straight before you write a weak argument that Patterson is no different than Les and other "win or nothing" coaches. You look in the mirror, you are like so many editors you don't take time to look at the whole gamete of circumstances surrounding a situation. Patterson, unlike a lot of coaches will not allow a good player to transfer into TCU's program if he has had serious off the field problems because of risk. Some of the x players released from the team are now playing for Franchoine (no surprise) and other teams that don't care about ethics. I never really appreciated you as a sports writer, and this article just confirmed my opinion.
Have a nice day!


THE Texas Christian University

Patterson takes ownership of his decisions. He doesn't hide behind, "team votes."


Mac, your an idiot.

French Frog

Let it go Mac. The allegations, ("things"), against CP4 were all hearsay. He, "supposedly", failed a drug test. Which is an internal TCU athletics matter. Casey also, "supposedly" admitted to using drugs previously. This was written in a police report, and I submit to you that neither you or anyone else knows if this is true or not. What is certain is that CP4 was arrested on suspicion of DUI, left school and his football team and successfully went through inpatient rehabilitation for alcohol abuse and has now been reinstated to both school and the football program. Jeremy Hill on the other hand was arrested for sex with a 14 year old then within 18 months arrested again, while still on probation, for sucker punching a young man outside of a club while proudly wearing his LSU colors and then was only charged with a misdemeanor. Both times he went before a judge who was an LSU graduate, and released with probation, some community service and immediately allowed back into LSU as a student and back onto the proud LSU Tiger football team. Once again Coach Patterson made the right and moral decision, that was in the best interest of his student athlete. It's sad that you are unable to see the difference.


Patterson is a Fat Fraud!


Mac I never have cared for your lackluster on the fence antics of all coaches and players. Comparing Coach P to any other disciplinarian is way out of your league of expertise and I sure as Hades cannot imagine how you forgot about how Patterson kicked off 4 starters before the beginning of 2011 which severely disabled our team, specifically the defense which Patterson i so well known for.
You should be glad I have no control over what gets posted on the FOW website b/c I can tell you, you would not be on it again if all you can do is pull a TMZ fact twist and write what is false and not fact. Maybe you, MAC, should go to TMZ, they would be lucky to have you.


He should look in the mirror? Good grief look in your own mirror for "writers responsibility"! Haven't you been reading your own paper? The media tried to ask question they knew the Coach could answer which was only about his team! Never was LSU, Hill or Miles mentioned. Guess you didn't get the memo!
You do realize every University has rules that are read and signed not only by the player but the University. Both have to abide by those rules if not there will be a court case. Casey's case was pretty cut and dry and by rules all Casey had to do is wait for the University to say he was suspended for two games. Instead he talked to Coach Patterson then his family and made the decision to withdraw from school. Casey "DIDN'T" need to withdraw because of the rules he did it for himself! Patterson's hands were tied and could only deal out a suspension. If you don't like University rules then get them changed! Sadly most don't understand University rules on player conduct are basically the same at every University but it's the way they are interpreted that causes problems.
I've really got to learn not to click on everything in my search engine when trying to read about TCU because I hate reading poorly written posts!


It would be nice once in a while if you would put some time and thought and research into one of your pieces before you reveal what a fool you are.

"The" OSU

I could retire if I could get a dollar for every time someone calls Mac a stoopid doosh, or something similar.

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