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Picking Aaron Murray over Johnny Football is the right call

Aaron-murray-georgia-bulldogsThis is how good (arrogant?) the SEC is - the defending Heisman Trophy winning quarterback would be the backup at Georgia.

In fact, the way the SEC acts, Texas A&M quarterback Johny Manziel isn't even as good as James Franklin at Missouri Junior College (I'm a Kansas undergrad alum, so I'm allowed to say this). Manziel should be lucky to even be listed among the 12 quarterbacks that comprise the greatest football league, above that of the NFL.

The SEC coaches today released its preseason all conference team, and Georgia's Aaron Murray is better than the Heisman Trophy award winner; sophomore Johnny Football is a second-team all-conference bum.


In the adjusted lyrics of the classic Thin Lizzy tune "The Boys Are Back in Town":
"This is not a slap right in Johnny Face
But all of Aggies are falling about the place"

The coaches of the Mighty SEC are predicting a fall for the man forever known as Johnny I Hate College Station. Not because Manziel stinks, but because to duplicate that type of season again is difficult for anyone. Unless you're last name is Tebow.

UnknownThe coaches of the Mighty SEC are also predicting that Aaron Murray is a bad, bad man. An accurate call.

Murray is a senior who has started all three of his previous years at UGA, is surrounded by good players, and can play the game of football on the football field. In 41 career starts, he has completed 61.5 percent of his football passes for 10,091 football yards with 95 football touchdowns and just 32 football interceptions.

Manziel can/will have another great year, but Murray is "fixin' to blow up" as the kids say.

The last time the SEC had an underclassman QB win the Heisman Trophy, who returned for another year, was St. Tim Tebow of Florida in 2007. He was a sophomore when he won the award, and he is proof that "doing it again" is simply damn tough.

Here are Tebow's passing stats and running stats from his sophomore to his senior season:
2007: 66.9 %, 3,286 yds, 32 TD, 6 int.; 895 rushing, 5.3 ypc, 23 TD
2008: 64.4 %, 2,746 yds, 30 TD, 4 int.; 673 rushing, 3.8 ypc, 12 TD
2009: 67.8 %, 2,895 yds, 21 TD, 5 int; 910 rushing, 4.2 ypc, 14 TD

Tebow finished third in the Heisman voting in 2008, and fifth in 2009. It is an incredible feat he finished 1 through 5 in three consecutive votings.

But to answer your question - Tim Tebow was voted first-team all-SEC QB in '07, '08 and '09.

The second-team all-confernce QBs those seasons were:
'07: Andre' Woodson, Kentucky
'08: Matthew Stafford, Georgia
'09: Ryan Mallett, Arkansas 

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Rebel Nation

I'm going to try and not sound like a total homer when I say this but BO WALLACE is a baaaaad man. Ole Miss has an edge, attitude, and a big arm in Bo Wallace. Look out for Wallace and the Rebels.


seems to me the entire SEC was arrogant last season when ATM came to town. Maybe, they are slow learners...

Frog Power

Manziel won't even come close to matching last season's success. Last season he played great football and got lucky plenty of times. He is a terrific young talent, and a heck of a college quarterback, but don't look for the Aggies to win a National Championship. Lots of other quality QB's in the SEC. Manziel would probably make my Top 5 list in the SEC but not Top 3; no way.

Jim Merritt

All of the other team now have a season's video on atm and this will be the season that I expected last year, 2/3 conference wins and any other wins will be nonconference. Next year when he goes to the draft one team will draft him and will regret it for the remainder of his contract. He will be another Tbow and J Russell as a pro QB, might make it as a receiver or possible DB and that's it.

John Cole

I'm an Ag, and I would tend to agree with having Murray over Johnny-- for now. Murray was a better pure passer last year, though this year Johnny might have better passing numbers (and lower rushing numbers) if he sits in the pocket. He plays in the offense for it and has more weapons than last year. But, will he have a sophomore slump? Murray is awesome, but i hope Johnny smokes all of the dudes in the SEC like he did last year. However, it wouldn't shock me at all if the coaches were right and Murray ends up having the best year of the SEC QBs .

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