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Why Vegas thinks TCU has a good shot v. LSU

Golden girlsFORT WORTH, Texas - TCU head coach Gary Patterson was grouchy on Tuesday afternoon. He didn't much care for what he saw during the practice on the first day of classes. Stupid academics always ruins things for college football teams.

In a little more than a week, TCU will face LSU in a game Patterson really no longer wants. The same, he thinks, for LSU head coach Les Miles.

There is a reason why the two schools agreed on one neutral site game as opposed to the originally intended home and home.

“This will be the youngest team we've ever put in a game of this magnitude,” Patterson said. “I think both teams, to be honest with you, with as young as we are (don’t want) to have this ball game as the first game. Both teams are pretty young, but it is what it is.”

Other than the head coach, who does not get blown out, youth is a big reason why TCU has a great shot against LSU. Right now, Las Vegas as 4 or 4.5 favorites. That’s doable, and a certainly more attractive game than the previous Cowboys Classics involving SEC teams.

In 2011, No. 3 LSU 40, No. 4 Oregon 27.
In 2012, No. 1 Alabama 41, No. 8 Michigan 14.

The Tigers lost a slew of defenders to the NFL – Eric Reid, Barkevious Mingo, etc – and right now has no proven rushers off the edge. They probably have one or two, but no one reliable. That will help a TCU offensive line that features a true sophomore left tackle in Aviante Collins, and right tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai. Gary said his offensive line is better today than last season.

I am on record with an LSU 24-17 win.

Picking the SEC team is the safe bet. But the Tigers are young on defense, their offense is usually a bit raw, Gary Patterson is seldom out-coached, and he has the senior quarterback in Casey Pachall.

It has the makings of a close game, which will be refreshing change for the Cowboys Classic.

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Sweet Jesus, there are some asinine statements in that write up.

Are you high? Do you really think this game is more attractive than #3 LSU vs #4 Oregon was?

Also, I get that you're a DFW guy and all but to say Patterson has "the senior quarterback" is a little silly as well, ignoring the fact that Miles also has a senior quarterback.


Obviously you don't know anything about college football. Please stop writing pieces on it. To say that TCU's youth gives them the advantage is downright rediculous! How does one teams youth give an advantage but not the other?


Casey P is going to shock the world. This game is going to be huge. It's one of the most exciting games TCU has put on its schedule in a long time. I pray LSU doesn't blow us out. That would be a big disappointment. I gotta think if Casey is feeling it, and given how young both these squads are, it could be a special night for our Horn Frogs.


I think the reasoning behind TCU's youth having an advantage is that we had our high volume of attrition before last season, so all of these young kids have a year of starting under their belt. LSU's attrition happened this last year, w/ graduation and guys bolting for the League.

No doubt that on paper, LSU has the upper hand. But that's why games are played on the field, not on paper. It's going to be a fun game, that's for sure. LSU fans are accustomed to their team blowing people out in OOC season openers. Coach P just doesn't get blown out, and giving him a whole offseason to prepare for a game usually doesn't bode well for an opponent.

princeton bardwell

Sorry but TCU can't hang with the Tigers speed. Take the Vegas free money and bet Tigers. Young defense but stellar athletes. It is just a matter of reloading the shelf for Chavis and the Tigers. The difference is going to be offense with legit passing threat to go with stable of quality running backs Blue, Hilliard, Magee and Hill. Passing and Return game Brazil, Dural, White all with blazing speed the likes of which TCU has not seen before. Tiger QB and OL gonna be much improved. Lsu is hanging under the radar this season in Sec West cause Bama and TAM with Johnny foosball hold the spotlight. Lsu wins by at least 7 and probably more. Take the money and run.

Mr. Steam

get bent all you TCU haters. Frogs walk over of the Tigers. put it in the books. this one is done before it begins.


hmmm, that 3 TD loss last year counts as a blowout to me.

tcu will play hard (so many of their players not offered by lsu), not sure if lsu will.

most likely will be tight. could be a lsu blowout. we'll see.


First It's the writers point of view when saying Patterson says "Stupid academics always ruins things for college football teams." I'm betting Patterson is saying something else like "Young knuckleheads got to teach them to do two things at once again"

Game lines are nothing more than a formula or just plain guessing. I'm picking TCU by three only because of past experiences in the big games by CGP. Sure Miles is a great coach too but Patterson has been planning on this game with a proven running back and quarterback coming back. Yes LSU has them too but efficiency wins games. Defense TCU has just about all starters coming back while LSU got killed by the NFL bug last year. TCU 13 LSU 10.

THE Texas Christian University

Whoever the knucklehead is who said TCU can't hang with LSU because of "speed," obviously hasn't paid much attention. It's one of the primary factors TCU recruits. No, if LSU wins it will be due to size, not speed. BOTH teams are fast. Pachall is better than half the starting QBs in the NFL right now. I hope he keeps it together off the field- If he does, the sky's the limit. Geaux FROGS!


Agree, THE TCU. The LSU poster Bardwell obviously knows his own team very well. He obviously doesn't know their opponent at all. TCU's been playing the speed game for years, and they can hang with anyone speed-wise. It's gonna be a great game!


I just saw the TCU uniforms for the LSU game and I have just one question - WHY is the football team ashamed of our school colors? OUR colors are purple and white - when the hell did red and black become the school colors? THEY SUCK!

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