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Why winning doesn't matter to the Dallas Cowboys

Brooke-sorenson-nix-8_display_imageNot that you need a reminder, the Dallas Cowboys' NFC wildcard win against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2009 NFL playoffs is the only postseason victory for this proud franchise since 1996.

There are so many either negative or mediocre superlatives to list about this team since 1996 that to write them all is both redundant, and painful.

The following is why absolutely none of these "superlatives" matter - According to the most recent evaluation by Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

$2.3 billion dollars. 

That's billion as in billion.

The Dallas Cowboys are a business, and as a business they are the best.

Imagine how much they would be worth if they, you know, won football games.


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Cowboy fans are drones.....every Sunday they'll be on the couch shouting go cowboys matter what

John Carpenter

The value of the Cowboys isn't correlated to an 8-8 season or
12-4 seasaon. Just like Manchester United, the Cowboys are an iconic sports team with a world-wide following.

Even when Dallas had its run of 3-13 seasons the value of the franchise was not diminished.

As to Dallas being a "business", every franchise is in the business of filling seats, luxury boxes, and lining up sponsors.

By the way: what is a "mediocre superlative"?


Come on man. As long as they sell out that stadium nothing is going to change.
Why should it?

Michael McRae E.

I'm new to the planet but I love reading your stuff.

Bob In Arlington

Jerry Jones' ego is vested in dollars, not in printed ink or the spoken word.

Jerry is the modern day P.T. Barnum, the new king of Circus Barkers, who fill suites and stadium seats based on hyperbole.

Jerry grins his way into bank on the backs of those who want to believe his fiction.

A master salesman, who can con a con.

Dallas will never win another super bowl, its not the primary goal of this barker. If it happens though he will most gladly take all of the credit.

Jim Merritt

All the village IDIOT cares about is how much money he draws into his (tax payer supported) shrine every home game and as long as the D/A cow sheep keep buying his tickets and junk that he sells nothing will ever change. To top things off he has now screwed the tax payers of Frisco to finance his second shrine or a practice field.


Because Jerry Jones has no incentive to win. It's all about the money and as long as the fans buy those tickets why should he.

Winning to Jerry Jones is just a side issue.


Only when the fans stop filling Cowboys stadium...and in a big way will things change!!

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