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Baylor's physical transformation continues

IMG_2454WACO, Texas - If you have not had the chance to make it down the absolute hell pit that is Interstate 35 in central Texas ... don't. This is the worst highway ever.

But if your life takes you this way, it's a good chance to see the continued amazing progress that is the Baylor University athletic complex.

Using the river as a natural backdrop will make this new stadium stand apart from every other football stadium in Texas.

As you can see from these photos, the new Kevin Steele Football Stadium next to the Brazos River continues to come along at a healthy pace. When it is done, it will complete the incredible physical transformation of the Baylor University athletic department.

Hate on Baylor if you insist, but what the good people at Baylor U have done here with their facilities is impressive.





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Kevin Steele??? Maybe if he had won some games from 1999-2002. I think you mean Art Briles Stadium. I seriously hope that was an awful attempt at a joke.


Please change that to Art Briles Stadium and let us all forget that other name and the time period he was here.


You, Mr. Engel, are an idiot.


Really, I almost hope that you were trying to make a lame joke. If not you must have absolutely no clue about Baylor sports.


Poor Mac. Still suffers hangovers from the mania that
Baylor was solely responsible for TCU's exclusion from the
Big 12 (ignoring the influence of the real Big Decider about all
conference matters down in Austin). Get over it Mac and start
celebrating the progress of both TCU and Baylor. You can do
so without gritting your teeth. Honestly.


Goes to show you that any (expletive deleted) can have a blog.


it's hard to believe that a FWST editor would let something like that get printed...

but it does prove that any (expletive deleted) can have a blog.


you are almost good enough to be on Bleacher Report.

Derp MacDerp

Don't let 'em get you down, Mac. I'm sure Bleacher Report would take you in a heartbeat, with your penchant for pageview trolling and all.




I hate you. I hate this blog. I hate everything you write.

I hate everything that is Mac Engel.


Its going to be SO AWESOME to see this stadium 1/4 full whenever they go back to being Baylor.


It's called satire, green people. Spelled S-A-T-I-R-E. And yes, for most people, you do have to be a little on the intelligent side to get it.

Sic em Bears

No, Craig... it's called a backhanded compliment. In the same breath of complimenting Baylor's construction, he sneakily dismisses central Texas and pokes fun at a dark time in our sports history. I've read enough of Mac's stuff to know his true intentions here.


Kev, you mean like the 1/4 full stadium TCU boasted in their home opener this year?

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