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Cowboys Cold Truths: Cowboys on pace for 16-0, force 96 turnovers, Super Bowl victory

I-1Firing Rob Ryan and replacing him with 98-year-old Monte Kiffin as the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys looks like the best thing Jerry Jones did since he hired Jimmy Johnson as his head coach.

After the Cowboys forced SIX urnovers in the season-opening win against the New York futbol Giants, give Kiffin a raise and promise the man he will give his son, Lane, a job when USC fires him next week.

Here is the Cowboys' Top 10 Cold Truths from Week 1:

Six turnovers.
That's it.
The Cowboys defense didn't force ANY turnovers last season. Wait ... is that right? No. Sorry. The defense forced 16 turnovers all of last season.
This team ranked near dead last in the NFL in takeaways last season, and although it's just one game and it won't hold at this rate to see this defense this active is a large :-). If this defense is plus in the turnover margin by one at the end of the season, it should be a playoff team.

The offensive line is above average.
The Cowboys line on Sunday night looked better than it did than at any point during the '12 season. 
Left tackle Tyron Smith will be a Pro Bowler. He more than held his own against Cowboys killer, NYG DE Jason Pierre Paul.
ITravis Frederick is a large upgrade over Phil Costa/Ryan Cook. Guard Ron Leary can play, and Doug Free was OK at right tackle.
Expect recent veteran signee Brian Waters to immediately replace Mackenzy Bernadeau on Wednesday in practice at right guard.

The Cowboys defeated the Giants in the season opener last season.
They went 7-8 the rest of the way.

Jason Hatcher is a legit defensive tackle.
The veteran defensive end from Grambling State had a monster game inside. He was credited with a sack, and was a big reason why the Giants ran for just 42 yards. If Hatcher is this good throughout the season, the Cowboys' decision not to address their D-line in the offseason won't look quite so bad.

Play calling "balance".
Bill Callahan's first game as the primary play caller for the Cowboys ... looked not too different than a Jason Garrett called game.
Passes: 49
Runs: 23 

There is no possible way to suggest this is balance. The Cowboys were leading throughout and threw the hell out of it.
The Giants were giving Tony Romo the underneath plays, which he took. He averaged 5.4 yards per attempt - the figure you want for that starts with a seven. Throwing nearly 50 times worked against the Giants, but this can't be a trend.

Dez better deal with the double team.
Dez Bryant's first game of his 2013 MVP season he was a nice decoy. Romo threw at Bryant eight times, and it resulted in four catches for 22 yards.  
The Giants put two men on him at all times, and the end result was Miles Austin leading the way with 10 receptions for 72 yards. Dez suffered an ankle thingy during the game but returned. Keep an eye on that.
Bottom line: Romo is going to have to simply go at Dez sometimes, and Dez is going to have to get open.

I-2Tony Romo's back was really hurt.
Regardless of how much a Cowboys fan does not like Tony Romo, they were all nearly sick watching Kyle Orton warm up after Romo went down with a nasty shot late in the first half. After the game, Romo said it was his ribs.
And maybe it was just a rib thing and he had the wind knocked out of him. A decent bet is that the "cyst" that was removed in the offseason was actually a back injury and it also flared up. 

The New York Giants didn't make the playoffs last season.
It is a big deal to finally defeat the New York Giants and Eli Manning at Jerry World for the first time, but let us all remember the Giants weren't as good as the Cowboys last season.

Terrance Williams was bad.
The rookie WR who was drafted, likely to replace Miles Austin next season, was awful in his first real NFL game. He screwed up on an audible by Romo in the first half that led to a Giants interception. He also had a drop in the middle of the field. Williams finished with two catches for 32 yards. 

Tumblr_msu64uAvc51rge74zo1_500Only Jerry Jones could pull off this picture.
Here is a shot with Jerry and his new friends before the game. 




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Bob in Arlington

Not sure that "forcing" turnovers was an accurate description of what happened to the Giants, they actually looked more like the Texas Longhorns, shooting themselves in the foot?

Giants and Cowboys may be headed for a showdown to see who stays out of the NFC East cellar?

Neither team could run the football and that's not a good sign.

Late in the game, the Cows looked like they were going to let Eli pull another one out of the ditch. Only the Giant's running backs error may have kept that from happening?


GIVE ME A BREAK. 6 turnovers and still allowed 31 points.

Engel are you getting on the band wagon this early with that performance?


You guys forget, last year it was the Cowboys having 400 yards passing, 3 100 yard receivers, why? Because they were behind, by a few! This was a good game for the Cowboys. They gave up a lot of yards playing 'don't get beat deep' late in the second half.. This game could have easily been a blow out in the 1st quarter if the offense had been able to move the ball. It's a good start for the Cowboys, lots of good, and plenty of things to work on.

Jim Merritt

Mac: I do not know just what you are high on but you need to stop drinking, smoking or injecting what ever it is until you come down. HAZARD ALERT, do not drive a vehicle until you have sobered up.

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