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Cowboys Cold Truths: Hooray for the NFC East!

DIU3U.St.58Thanks to a combined 1-8 record by the Eagles, Giants and Redskins, the NFC East is in the safe hands of your Dallas Cowboys.

After a snore-win against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, your Dallas Cowboys are 2-1. And because of the generosity/ineptitude of the rest of the NFC East, the Cowboys have a 15-game lead on their division opponents.

We are a mere three games into this 16-game odyssey that will surely include a serious run at .500, but right now all signs say this can happen.

The Cowboys are 10-0 when DeMarco Murray carries the ball 20 times. He went for 175 yards on 26 carries with a TD against the Rams. This was his fifth career 100-yard game.
In two games, he has abused the Rams – 51 carries, 428 yards.
This is the first time the Cowboys ran the ball well this season.
It’s clear by now that whether it is Jason Garrett or Bill Callahan calling plays, they will cal it only when it’s working. And it has to work early.
If the Cowboys can run, at all, they should win.


If the Cowboys have any shot at being decent, they have to beat the bad teams. The Rams entered the game a deceiving 1-1. They still aren’t good.
Despite the presence of Sam Bradford, who apparently allegedly is good, these Rams are bad. Still. You don’t get many of these in an NFL season, so take ‘em.

Of the many lopsided stats to take from this game – six Cowboys sacks, 33:28 time of possession - here is one that’s a stopper: 4.0
That is the average yards per pass attempt by Bradford. That’s terrible. 

When the Cowboys gave defensive end Anthony Spencer the franchise tag – 1 year, $10.6 million – it was thought his presence was essential for the Cowboys in their transition to a 4-3. It should be, but so far Spencer continues to be a nothing.
What Jason Garrett initially thought back in training camp was a minor knee injury to Spencer continues to slow him down.
Spencer missed Game 1, played little against the Chiefs in Week 2, and missed the game against the Rams.
He was not coming back to the Cowboys next season, but he is playing himself out of a larger deal. But he has made about $20 mil’ over the last two years.

Tony Romo threw at Dez Bryant six times, which resulted in four receptions for 38 yards and touchdown. The monster Dez season so many of us – me included – predicted now has Mr. Bryant with 17 receptions for 201 yards with two touchdowns. Not terrible, but not 2,000 yards and 20 TDs.
After he scored against the Rams he did the now jump-the-shark throat slash, which resulted in a penalty. If you’re going to get a penalty, do something original. 

Receiver Miles Austin left the game with a hamstring injury. Coach Process said Miles could have returned, but there was no need. This is what Miles does – get hurt. It was only a matter of time.

Three games into the season, inside linebacker Sean Lee is not hurt.
It is not a coincidence that when early in the second half, after a Rams catch by Chris Givens where he fumbled, the guy who picked it up was Lee. Safety Barry Church was close, but Lee grabbed it.
This is what this man does.

This bears repeating, Jason Hatcher is making the Cowboys’ decision not to acquire a defensive lineman this offseason palatable. The veteran’s move inside to the tackle spot continues to work, and against the Rams he had one sack and hit Bradford three other times. Hatcher has been the team’s biggest “pickup” in the offseason.
He is a major reason why the Cowboys are allowing an average of 66.3 yards against the run.

He was credited with just three tackles, but as Bill Parcells once said – Don’t get in the way of progress. A rookie third round pick with little experience at safety, Wilcox started on Sunday and he needs to play.
The man is fearless, but has ability. His ceiling is greater than veteran Will Allen.
Allen is a pro, but this is about young legs.

The Chargers are in a transition year, and in one of those find-ways-to-lose seasons. The Chargers are 1-2, but could be 3-0. They allowed a 34-yard TD pass to the Titans on Sunday with 15 seconds remaining to complete their latest loss.
Expect Cowboys/Chargers to be close, and the Cowboys should barely win.

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Texas Jack

Roy Williams
Rocket Ismail
Miles Austin
Anthony Spencer
Joey Galloway
Tony Romo

The list is people who GM Jerry paid through nose for, yet have produced little

Think what a REAL General Manager could have done with 300 Million and a handful of draft picks.

SUCKS to be a Dallas fan

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