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Don't worry Texas fans, Nick Saban is a good liar

Nick-Saban-signs-through-2017Alabama head football coach Nick Saban told a large gathering of Crimson Tide fans that he and his wife love it in Tuscaloosa, they feel like a part of the community, and he is too damn old to start over again.

Crushing news if you are a UT fan excited at the prospect that Saban's agent talked to a Texas regent, which went nowhere.

Coach Saban is a good man, and a man of his word. He would never leave Alabama for Texas, or anywhere else.

Yeah ... remember when Nick Saban said he loved LSU, and wasn't going to leave Baton Rouge? Yeah ... that lasted until he left for that NFL cash to coach the Miami Dolphins.

Remember when Nick Saban told reporters he was not going to leave the Miami Dolphins after the '06 season to coach Alabama? Yeah ... that lasted one week until he left for Alabama.

For Texas fans saddened at the news that UT regents sent out feelers to Saban's agent, Mr. Jimmy Sexton, which were rejected take heart -  Nick Saban will go where the cash is greener.

In fairness to Saban, what else was he going to say? "This place is a hell hole. I hate it here and my wife and I can't wait to escape." All coaches are "never going to leave."

His agent, Sexton, is renowned for putting the squeeze on any employer be they college athletic directors or NFL GMs for another zero on a check.

Medium_Saban Forbes ALcomThe same man who was 34-24-1 with an 0-3 bowl record at Michigan State in five seasons has transformed himself into the most powerful Division I football coach, maybe ever. Ever because at no point previously has the money been any greater than it is currently.

Saban has a track record of chasing the bigger check, which makes him no different than very few in his profession.

Despite his appearance, he is 61 and at this point I can't imagine he needs the money. Texas can likely offer $2 million more per year, but at Saban's age why need it? Between LSU, the Dolphins and Alabama his fortune has to be considerable.

The only reason to leave Alabama is because he is bored, which seems to be a stretch given the competitiveness that exists in the SEC. Unlike Pete Carroll's tenure at USC, when his team was so good he really only had to worry about three games a season, Saban is likely more motivated by his competition.

If you are a Texas fan, however, and need something to hope for in what looks like will become a lost season always remember this - Nick Saban is a great coach, a good liar, and he likes money.

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Saban ain't coming to Texas unless it's to beat the mess out of one of our football teams.....or as the Anti-Christ and is here to take over the world.

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