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Expect Devonte Fields to play Saturday

FORT WORTH, Texas - TCU head coach Gary Patterson did not say it, but the signs are pointing to defensive end Devonte Field's two-game suspenion being lifted. At least for one game.

This is what we call changing our minds, having it both ways, and preparing for Texas Tech. 

Back in May, TCU announced in a press release that it was suspending the 2012 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year for the first two games of the 2013 season because he violated team/university policy. Game 1 was Aug. 31 against LSU. Game 2 is Sept. 7 against SE Louisiana.

Devonte-Fields-SuspendedAt TCU's weekly press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Patterson said he does not know if he will play Fields on Saturday. He is currently listed No. 1 on the depth chart with no backup, but that does not necessarily mean anything.

Now Patterson is saying Fields will serve the full two-game suspension, but that it does not have to be Games 1 and 2 of the season, as originally stated.

My thought was to just keep Fields suspended against a vastly inferior opponent where he is not needed to win, and be done with the whole thing. Patterson does not want Fields' first game to be at Texas Tech on Sept. 12. If he hasn't played, it's not hard to envision Fields being gassed in the fourth quarter in Lubbock.

"No. 1 it's hard to play when you don't play and you go play in a game like Texas Tech you have an opporutnity to get hurt," Patterson said. "He will serve a two-game suspension. At this point I have not talked to the chancellor."

UnknownGary, the university, or both, proved they were tough on crime when they dressed Fields for the LSU game and he did not play. This move hurt the team. Standing on the sideline wearing his uniform and being forced to watch such a big game against such a good team had to hurt Fields.

"As far as the blasts I get as far as us not having a pass rush, nobody said 'Devonte Fields was gone,'" Patterson.

Respectfully disagree with that pile o' garbage statement. EVERYONE said a major reason why LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger had more time to throw as the absence of Fields. TCU does not win with Fields playing, but he would have helped.

Patterson said that Fields has done everything asked to atone for his mistakes, including serving 135 hours of community service. From the way it sounds, he screwed up, he knows it, and he's been punished accordingly.

So expect Fields to play Saturday, and be suspended for one more game ... Oct. 12 vs. Kansas looks like a good time to finish out the punishment.


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Who made this decision Gary P. None or Dick Lowe? LOL

Big12 frog

"TCU does not win with Fields". I always knew you didn't like TCU but that is asinine. TCU was down 3 with 6 minutes to play without him. I think it's fair to say they could have easily beat LSU with him. If you don't, you aren't objective. Plain and simple.

Rob Tentoy

Should have played Fields and made Pachall watch from the sidelines.

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