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Fearle$$ football picks: Bengals -4.5

Over the last two years I have picked five games each week against the line to see how smart I is. I begin the season with $50 of Monopoly money and fake bet a $10 on five pro/college games. In two football seasons, I am +190!
2011: +110
2012: +80 (the Super Bowl pro bets bailed me out from a season of financial ruin and emotional depression)

Last week: 2-2-1.
This season: 13-5-2.

Raiders1Last week's picks
1. Utah at BYU (-6.5). COUGARS. LOSS
2. SMU at Texas A&M (-29). AGGIES. PUSH
3. Colorado State at Alabama (-40). RAMS. WIN
4. Browns at Vikings (-6.5). VIKINGS. LOSS
5. Rams at Cowboys (-3.5). COWBOYS WIN

This week's picks
1. Ole Miss at Alabama (-14.5). REBELS. Late points.
2. Fla Atlantic at Rice (-13.5). OWLS. This is a veteran team.
3. Redskins (-3) at Raiders. RAIDERS. That's a long flight.
4. Bengals (-4.5) at Browns. BENGALS Bobby Hoyer can't do this again ... right?
5. Colts (-8.5) at Jaguars. JAGS. Total trap game for Colts, who will win.


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Mac (not the fake mac)

No way Ole Miss covers. Also, I saw a web site this morning that was giving Ole Miss 17 points. Saban will let Ole Miss score late problem is Rebels defense is aweful and offense is good; just not that good.

Thanks for your faith in our Rebels but I'm betting you miss that pick.

Also, your faith in Jax is off. The Colts are a good, low scoring team. That said, Jaguars are really bad. They will stink it up and the Colts will cover that spread and then some.

Colts might really have a power running game for the first time since the "Dickerson" or "Albert Bentley" era.

(Edgrin James was awesome but his running game got a ton of help from Manning)

Rikki @ TCU

You should sell your advice. That's a fairly impressive record for a professional gambler.

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