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Fearle$$ football picks: Jayhawks +6.5 at Rice is tragically tempting

ImagesIn each of the last two years I have picked five games each week against the line to see how smart I is. I begin the season with $50 of Monopoly money and fake bet a $10 on five pro/college games. In two football seasons, I am +190!
2011: +110
2012: +80 (the Super Bowl pro bets bailed me out from a season of financial ruin and emotional depression)

This season, I am now 8-1-1. That's called PHAT!

Last week's results: 4-0-1
1. Okie State (-24.5) at UT-San Antonio: COWBOYS. WIN
2. Texas (-7) at BYU. COUGARS. WIN
3. SUNY-Buffalo at Baylor (-27.5) BEARS. WIN
4. Bengals at Bears (-3). BEARS. PUSH
5. Dolphins at Browns (-1). FISH. WIN

This week's picks (note - I hate these games this week)
1. Ohio State (-16.5) at Cal. BUCKEYES. I like this team, even without Braxton Miller.
2. Kansas at Rice (-6.5). JAYHAWKS. Now here comes the sad part - Rice wins.
3. UCLA at Nebraska (-3.5). HUSKERS. This is emotional - I'm hoping Jim Mora Jr. loses.
4. Browns at Ravens (-6.5). RAVENS. Sorry, it's the Brandon Weeden thing.
5. Vikings at Bears (-6). VIKINGS. Sam Ponder isn't a great QB, but Adrian Peterson keeps it close.

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Panther Pride

You got mad hot last week. Nice picks.

This week you will be wrong about the Jayhawks. (they suck almost as bad as their coach)

I like your Vikings pick and I love Adrian Peterson but you are wrong on this one. Peterson is good and Chris Ponder can't play quarterback and better than his wife could. (I picked her in my 'fantasy draft')


You better hope your NFL picks do better than your college picks. It was not a banner day for your college picks.

And as always, congratulations on finding and posting hot pictures of cheerleaders.

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