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Former TCU LB Tanner Brock is thriving at Sam Houston

BrockHUNTSVILLE, Texas - It has been a while since a lot of people around Fort Worth have seen former TCU linebacker Tanner Brock, but as you can see from this picture he is doing well.

Brock, who now starts at Sam Houston State, was nice enough to grant me his first interview since his arrest back on Feb. 15, 2012.

Brock was the highest-profile member of a group of 17 TCU students who were arrested for drug distribution to under cover police. Four members of that group were on the TCU football team, all of whom were immediately expelled.

For a larger piece, Brock and I spoke for 45 minutes in an interview that covered the morning of his arrest, what he did in the immediate aftermath, and how he landed in Huntsville.

He took full responsibility for all of it.

"I really am sorry I did it; I know this is going to follow me forever," he said. "I owe so much to TCU and to coach (Gary) Patterson and Fort Worth. I hurt a lot of people with my decisions. It was bad choices. It was irresponsible and it put a lot of people I care about in jeopardy. I really do hope one day they will forgive me and accept me back there because that place means a lot to me."

Brock, 22, said he is on track to graduate from Sam Houston next spring.

"I am really grateful for this second-chance that (SHSU coach Willie) Fritz and the entire administration gave me," he said. "They put their necks out on the line for me and I am really appreciative of that."

He also added: "My kids are going to have two choices - Sam Houston State, or TCU."

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You spoke for 45 minutes and that's the only two quotes we get?


So glad to see Tanner doing well. Thanks for the update Mac!
Melissa Schroeder


Tanner is the man!


Rob Tentoy

Geez... if TCU was gonna keep a drug screw-up, I'd rather have Brock than Pachall.

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