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History says Michael Irvin is wrong on Dez prediction

Michael Irvin is invested in Dez Bryant for a variety of reasons, and now he is so behind the Cowboys current No. 88 he has offered this bold, 3-inch headline prediction: Dez is going to win the 2013 NFL MVP award.

Irvin said on the NFL Network: "This dude understands football. I never thought he had the capability of understanding the game the way he understands it."

Dez_bryantGotta love that kind of faith.

Here is one small problem with Irvin's prediction - if Dez Bryant has this monster season that both he, myself, Irvin and so many others believe will happen the man throwing him the ball will win the award. Tony Romo will win an NFL MVP award before his wide receiver.

The receiver never, ever wins the NFL MVP award as voted by the Associated Press. Ever. Like, never. Never as in it's never happened before.

A field goal kicker has won more NFL MVP awards than a wide receiver. Think about that - Redskins kicker Mark Moseley won more NFL MVP awards than Jerry Rice. Pass the barf bag.

The AP's NFL MVP award first started in 1957 and it has been a series of runnning backs, linebackers and quarterbacks, a fullback and a kicker.

The last time an NFL MVP award went to a position other than quarterback or running back was New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor all the way back in 1986.

Have other organizations voted a wide receiver an NFL MVP? Yes.
In 1987, the Newspaper Ent. Assoc. voted for Jerry Rice. That same season the Bert Bell Award (Player of the Year) went to Rice.

This sort of prediction by Irvin means that he thinks Tony Romo will have a fantastic season, which means he has the better chance of winning this award than his top receiver.

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Sad, but true.

Jim Merritt

The cows will be a six to seven win team, AGAIN. Same GM, same results. Jon will be the (by title only) HC for next season and the results will be about the same as the past seventeen years.

Bob in Arlington

So Mac, think of the brain trust with the two you are writing about and smile.

The Dallas Cowboys under Jerry Jones have consistantly drafted incorrectly on draft day. The last 17 years prove that.

No one has bothered to look at the reality of a team that has gone 8-8 for the last two years actually having a chance of playing in a Championship game of any sort,.. much less a Super Bowl.

Even with Jerry's forty year old brain in his 70 year old body knows that is a fairy tale prediction.

Injuries will dictate this season, but it still won't be a Championship one.

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