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Kevin Sumlin needs to say yes* to USC

SAN DIEGO, California - Now that USC athletic director Pat Haden woke up from his Stupid Sleep and fired football head coach Lane Kiffin late Saturday night in Los Angeles, he will be soon looking for a replacement. This is a major story out here in SoCal as Kiffin had become to 'SC what Mack Brown is to Texas, except far more toxic without the skins.

Unlike Mack, whom people like, it didn't help that Lane behaved like a spoiled ass.

SumlinAs expected, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin is a hot name being tossed around to take over one of the biggest jobs in the country. It's a great job when things are right, and hell when it's not.

According to this report by CBS Sports college football writer Bruce Feldman, USC is going to kick the tires on Sumlin and his interest level to coach 'SC.

This column from the LA Daily news says 'SC needs to hire Sumlin.

If the call comes, Sumlin would be an idiot not to take the interview. 'SC is SoCal's pro team, and the much better job than rival UCLA, which Jim Mora Jr. has done a nice job turning into a good program.

'SC is the Hollywood job. Players want to go to the University of Spoiled Children, for so many obvious reasons from the program's tradition to its load of attractive coeds.

Sumlin needs to take this call if for no other reason than to scare the hell out of every single Aggie booster, as well as Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman. You don't pass on leverage like this. These are the interviews where your salary goes up as well as your assistants, and you secure in writing every single facility toy you want. 

Sumlin would be foolish to take the 'SC job right now. The NCAA's scholarship reductions that it levied for violations committed in the Pete Carroll era have a lasting effect.

Lindsey-usc_p1-769352College football has become all about windows, and none of them are large. Right now A&M is in the good window while rival Texas' window is broken. It is Sumlin and A&M that are landing the hot recruits, and quarterbacks, while Texas is waist-deep in infighting over the status of head coach Mack Brown.

Today, former Texas running back and school icon Earl Campbell said Mack needs to retire.

Campbell told Mark Berman of Houston's Fox affiliate: "Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen. I'd go on record and say 'yes I think it's time.' 

"I'd just say this, I take my hat off for USC for what they've done. They didn't mess around with it. They just said 'let's do it now.'  I think at some point our university's people are going to have make a decision."

This is not good for UT, but genius for all things Maroon and White. UT is a mess of Bevo flop.

Sumlin should squeeze this for as long as he can, and then leave when his window begins to close. Which it will.

An interview with 'SC will result in the raise he wants, and in theory guarantee the Aggies will keep their hot coach a little longer.

Once the window begins to close, that's when Sumlin should go to the NFL and give that a try. That's what Chip Kelly did.

If it doesn't work out for Sumlin in the NFL, he can always return to college. Maybe the 'SC job will be open.


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I hope Sumlin doesn't do what he did to Houston and quit on his team on the eve of the biggest game in school history. A&M BEWARE!!!!!!!'


I am not sure what the point of this story is other than to fill in space.


Sumlin would be nuts not to jump at the USC job. He may be at his peak at A&M and could very well revert back to A&M's typical 6-6 ways after Manziel is gone. USC is a bigtime job, and Sumlin may not get the opportunity to move up to a premier program again.


Manziel is a once in a lifetime player true, but he's definitely the only weapon the Aggies have. And there is no "toy" that A&M won't provide the program nor is there any lack of money as they just doubled their previous record for donations. Like it or not A&M is much closer to a title shot than USC is right now.


^^^^^definitely NOT the only weapon the Aggies have. sorry


Bob I know you live on the west coast and due to it's history you could say USC is a better job. But only on historical merit. Realistically USC doesn't have any more to offer. Aggies are in a better conference with a better recruiting bed and can match any offer USC puts on the table. Not to mention the Aggies are closer to a title than USC right now. Jack Del Rio is gonna do fine at USC.


Sumlin would be a bad fit for USC and visa versa.

Sumlin would be best to continue to build on the growing momentum he has at A&M, then move to the NFL once he has completed his NCAA resume.

Rick Mage

1) The SEC is the creme of the crop, not whatever conference USC is in. Better recruits will go to the SEC. Quit living in the past.
2) Why the Hell would he go to crappy USC and have to rebuild again when he already has a team that will probably be ranked in the top ten every year? When was the last time USC done anything?
4) Kevin just built a brand new house in College Station, for crying out loud! You think he wants to go through all that again?
5) You don't think Texas A&M will be able to match USC?? Seriously?? Yeah, prestige is nice. Money is better. Texas A&M has more money. They also have the better athletes, and they will have the better athletes as long as they stay in the SEC. Kevin would be foolish to want to coach for USC.
6) I don't think Sumlin wants to deal with that state tax and all those damn screaming gun control liberals in California. Didn't those idiots just make a law that makes it a crime to store rain water? Seriously? Well, not it Texas, they won't. The law makers in Texas know better! Anyway, I do know that some poor woman in Cali recently got sent to jail for having a damn garden in her front lawn! Yeah, land of the free, over there. Kevin would love Cali after living in a free Texas for so many years. He would LOVE handing in his guns to the authorities, because they don't think he's grown up enough to own a fire-arm in Cali.. ;)
7)Quit doing crack, guys!



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