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Lisa Guerrero on Romo, embarrassing cheerleader stories & the Super Bowl

Photo-16The start of the NFL season is a great excuse to call my all-time favorite sideline reporter, Hall of Famer Lisa Guerrero. The rest are, and forever will be, pretenders.

She is busy reporting for Inside Edition, which starts a new season next week. If you have never seen her on this show, give it a try. I know she got crushed for her work on Monday Night Football, but this is not a dope. On Inside Edition, she breaks a lot of ... uhh ... man parts on this show. She's been in Dallas recently for a pair of reports that will air soon.

The wife of former big league pitcher Scott Erickson, Guerrero is also fun follow on Twitter - @4LisaGuerrero.

She was nice enough to predict a few things about the 2013 NFL season, talk about her most embarrising moment as a member of the L.A. Rams cheerleading squad in the '80s, and offered a nice moment about Tony Romo.

The Big Mac Blog: Who is in the Super Bowl?
Lisa Guerrero: I've got the Broncos and the 49ers. I've got the Niners winning.

Lisa_guerrero-sports-casting-20The Big Mac Blog: What is your surprise team this season?
Lisa Guerrero: I know they are considered a joke in a lot of ways, but the Jets I think are going to be better than people think. And I always fall for them, and I know it's stupid, but it's where my heart is - the Chargers. I grew up in San Diego. My first football hero was Dan Fouts. They always disappoint me. It's hard to be a Chargers fan.

The Big Mac Blog: What one player would you pay to watch play?
Lisa Guerrero:
Ohh ... wow. That's a hard question. Peyton Manning. 

(she then asks me about the Cowboys this season, and my thoughts on Tony Romo.
Lisa Guerrero: This summer, I was supposed to do a commercial for foster care in Racine, Wisconsin with Romo and Caron Butler (who is from the area). It was on a Saturday, it wasn't for any money, and Photo-17Caron sent one of his people to make sure what it was before he shot his part for the ad. Tony just showed up, and he didn't have to do it, and he did it for free. Not a lot of guys would have done that.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you watch the game any differently now because of what is out there and known about concussions? 
Lisa Guerrero: Absolutely. I think everybody recognizes the extreme long term ramifications now. I'm constantly wincing when I see a big hit. I used to date (former Patriots QB) Hugh Millen. He got absolutely killed. I think he was sacked the most when he started that season. He got killed. Back then there was no recognition of what can happen. 
We can put a guy on the moon, so you would think we could construct better protection for football players. 

The Big Mac Blog: You have seen behind the curtain - are you still a fan?
Lisa Guerrero: I am. I am a fan. I can't explain it. One of my first memories is going to a Chargers game with my dad. It's a part of my routine. It's such a deep held process for me and what I care about on the weekends.

Guerrero_2.0The Big Mac Blog: You were a Rams cheerleader in the '80s - any good embarrassing stories?
Lisa Guerrero: Oh yeah. The Rams were in the American Bowl in London. The night before the game, we were all at a banquet. And (team owner Georgia Frontiere) said something about the cheerleaders. Something a little weird. A little later, me and two other Rams cheerleaders were in the ladies room and I say something like, 'She is such a kook.' A second later, out of one of the stalls walks Georgia Frontiere. Since there were three of us she didn't know which one said it, but if she did she would have fired me on the spot.

The Big Mac Blog: Totally sexist question - when are you bringing back the big hair?
Lisa Guerrero: Good question. I love big hair, and I love my Latina roots. I think it's time to bring it back with the full Aqua Net. 


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