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Mac Engel is released

Rough week for Mac Engel. Let's just disregard, for a moment, that both the coach and his teammates screwed him and face facts - Mac Engel is a winner. Period. End of discussion. 

Goalie Mac Engel of the Prince George Cougars was released this week because management is stupid.

Tumblr_md0843Y91o1qbc19to1_500Good. Mac Engel does not need them anyways. What did they ever do for Mac Engel? Nothing but Mac squat, that's what they did.

Not going to lie, Mac Engel didn't have the world's greatest season in the WHL last year. Look at the pile of junk that was playing in front of me? Mac Engel is a team guy and he will not blame anybody, but the GM, head coach, owner and teammates were simply awful last year. Mac Engel was set up to fail and to be made a giant scapegoat.

Last season in for the Cougars, Mac Engel was 10-23-7 with a 3.51 goals against average in 47 games. Mac Engel is man enough to admit he had a few off nights. Let in a few softees, too. But let's not forget Mac Engel's teammates were terrible in front of him as well.

Who is going to be brave enough to sign Mac Engel to another contract? He is 20 years old, played for both the Spokane Chiefs and Prince George Cougars and just needs another shot.

Some team needs to make this happen.

Mac Engel needs a Mac Engel jersey.

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Q: How do you get Mac Engel off your porch?

A: Pay him for the pizza.

Mac Engel will be delivering pizzas for former Startlegram sportswriter Richie Whitt within 12 months, you mark my words.

Just sayin', bro.

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