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Never forget what Mack Brown did for Texas

554049_10100466739492455_597960610_nMack Brown thinks Texas can still win the Big 12, which is cute if it was not just so sad.

"We are not as far away as it looks like after three weeks," Mack said on this week's Big 12 conference call.

A professional may call this delusional.

"We have had a lot of tough luck in two weeks," Mack said.

A professional may call this denial. The defense has given up 84 points over the last two games, which generally is not very good.

"Our goal is to win the Big 12 championship," he said. "We've still got a chance to do that."

A professional may agree with Mack, until UT plays Kansas State. And then Oklahoma. Texas Tech. Oklahoma State. TCU. And Baylor. Et all.

As the walls close in around Mack in Austin, the voice of the frustrated grow louder and angrier. These things always happen to college football coaches, it is merely a matter of time.
Bobby Bowden. Joe Paterno, long before the Jerry Sandusky fiasco. R.C. Slocum. Seldom does the veteran college coach leave on top - he is forced out against his wishes.

1236474_10201732523532190_1684501228_nThey are shoved out, people forget the final couple of years, and the coach eventaully returns to a heroes welcome. See Jim Tressel. Or Slocum.

When Mack is finally shoved out, which he will be, never forget what he did for UT.

When Mack arrived, the Horns were stuck on more than two decades of underachievement led by the likes of Fred Akers, David McWilliams and John Mackovic.

In 10 seasons in Austin, Akers posted three seasons of 10 wins. He was 86-31-2.
In his five seasons, McWilliams was 1-1 in bowl games and won 10 games once. He was 31-26-0.
And in his six seasons, Mackovic was 1-2 in bowl games, and won 10 games once. He was 41-28-2.

In 16 seasons at UT, Mack is 151-45. 

Maybe Vince Young won Mack that title. But Mack recurited him, signed him, and eventually turned him loose.

Until these last four seasons - 23-18, and counting - UT had not been this prosperous since the days of Darrell Royal.

OriginalIn the mid '90s, when college sports jumped into bed with boosters, corporate sponsors and anything that would generate revenue, there was no better football executive than Mack. There was no better company than UT. Under Mack, the Longhorn brand not only grew but came to symbolize the "big firm" on college athletics' Wall Street.

Hate on UT all you want, but there is not a head coach or athletic director who is not envious of a situation Mack Brown did so much to create.

He may be a bit of a phony, but he has been a good ambassador for his school, and his state. His players seldom get into any trouble. I have never interviewed a UT player from Mack's watch that was anything other than decent and professional. 

He also won a lot of games, which is ultimately the problem and the reason he will be forced out, or upstairs.

It's coming, and it won't be pretty, but don't forget what he has done.

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Mack came on right as the proliferation of cable tv money and the move to the big 12 started. He was left a roster stacked with NFL talent and a Heisman trophy winner.

The stadium was already halfway through a major upgrade. 10 win seasons were so rare before due to 10 and 11 game schedules. He came on right as the move to 12,13,14 game schedules came to be.

He has done some good, but much like Dodds, they both think they are mostly responsible for our economic prowess. This is not true.

If he had stepped aside 2 years ago, maybe thanks would be deserved. Instead he has self admittedly and self evidently, quit giving the effort that his bloated salary would warrant.

Screw MBTF.


Mack has done a ton for the horns but he has also gotten a ton in return. Whatever he is doing it isn't working. I like him and wish him well. It's just time for him to be gone unless he can do a major major turn around this year and next.

Horns Up

I am a long time Texas fan. I am grateful for Mack's contribution. It has been big. I hope he turns things around. There is tons of talent in Texas and in the south. He has the talent but he needs to show improvement quick if is going to be allowed to stay.

Kim R.

He can not be gone fast enough. He is over the hill and the game has passed him by.

Bevo 65

Mack has 2 conference titles to his credit. Why would this year be number 3? He is a good coach, but not the best Big 12 coach!,

Texas Jack

MacEngel, this is an must be on CRACK or did Ron Washington share his coke??

You said and I am gagging as I type "His Mack Brown's) players seldom get into any trouble"..JEEZUS do you read police blotter's at all

With that kind of Rainbo Brite blow smoke up your butt should be working for GM Jerry in Arlington...whats that you say you already are....makes sense

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