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Now pitching for the Texas Rangers - Irony

For years decades, both the Texas Rangers and their fans hinged their hopes around the idea that "If they could just get some pitching" then all would be right.

Since the club relocated from Washington D.C. to Texas in 1972, the club has posted a team ERA over 4.00 a whopping 26 times. From 1985 to 2009, only twice did the team post an ERA under 4.00.

Other than that, however, this team could flat get it done on the mound excluding ... you know ... getting guys out.

51o4jxnjboL._SY300_So appreciate the irony that just when the Rangers have that pitching that would make them World Series winners, their bats have destroyed their chances.

As the Rangers prepare to play the final of a four-game series against the Rays in Tampa, their team ERA is 3.72. If that holds, that would be the second-best figure for this franchise since 1983 whe team led the American League in ERA with a 3.31 figure.

This season will likely mark the fourth consecutive year the team's ERA will be under 4.00, only the second such four-year streak in franchise history; the first was achieved in the more pitching-friendly '70s. That was when foul ground was more plentiful, the fences were a bit further back, and the strike zone was a tad more lenient.

When the Rangers led the AL in pitching, they finished 77-85, third in the seven-team AL West. 
The problem? The team ranked 13th out of the 14-team in the AL in runs.

The '13 Rangers rank 7th in runs, but by now it is sadly obvious - for one of the few times ever, pitching ain't the problem. 

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