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Oklahoma St. sounded like a lot of fun under Coach Miles & Coach Gundy

3237700_s1_i1Week 1 of the NFL's regular season did a nice job of burying the big news that Sports Illustrated is preparing to release a nasty tell-all report about life as a football player at Oklahoma State University. And life was gooooooood.

Hart Lee Dykes? Line 1!!!

Among the many allegations that will be stated by the upcoming SI piece include: 
* Academic fraud.
* Players being paid for jobs they did very little in, or nothing at all.
* OSU hostess program that provided sex for recruits.

I know ... say it ain't so. How a big-time college football program could do this is disappointing. Much like I thought baseball had cleaned up PEDs out of baseball, now we are learning such actions are not out of college football. For shame.

"We are not allowed to make any comment about the Sports Illustrated piece," OSU head coach Mike Gundy said this morning on the Big 12 football coaches teleconference. "The university will come with the release later on."

That should be good.

The majority of the allegations are from 2001 to 2007; 2001 was the first season under Les Miles, who replaced Bob Simmons.

Cheerleader.ABOO0777The timing certainly makes sense. Things started to turn around in Stillwater in Miles arrived, and the alleged improperities began:
2001: Les Miles, 4-7
2002: Les MIles, 8-5
2003: Les Miles, 9-4
2004: Les Miles, 7-5
2005: Mike Gundy, 4-7
2006: Mike Gundy, 7-6
2007: Mike Gundy, 7-6

Clearly, in 2005 the hostesses were not doing their jobs.

On a serious note, SI has reportedly told Okie State this story should not concern any current members of the OSU staff, or pertain to potential eligibility of any current OSU player.

It does not sound as if this current OSU team will be punished, and this whole thing will merely be embarrassing to the school, and school owner T. Boone Pickens. Like mom always said, no one ever died of embarrassment.

So with that out of the way, who wants to take a recruiting trip to Oklahoma State?


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