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Rangers Chokeaplooza II: It's Happening Again

ARLINGTON, Texas - Just when you thought it was safe to order Texas Rangers American League Divisional round tickets without the fear of having your money applied to next season's mini-plan, they are doing it again.

I never thought thought they could do this again, not after last season's collapse starring Josh Hamilton.

Don't blame this latest Rangers gag on the absence of right fielder Nelson Cruz, although that doesn't help. After the Rangers' 7-5 loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates to complete their three-game sweep I asked Rangers manager Ron Washington why this team in 2013 will not collapse the way they did in 2012.

TV6YG.St.58"It's the same issue," he said. "Drive in runs. Drive in runs."

(BTW - The Rangers rank ninth in the MLB in runs scored, and seventh in batting average.)

The Rangers are going to be three games behind Oakland for first in the AL West by Thursday morning. 

To the 2013 Rangers credit, they are not waiting until the last week of the regular season to blow the division title the way they did last season. They're getting that done right now.

On Sept. 24, 2012 the Rangers led the A's by 5 games in the AL West and did not win the title.
On Sept. 1, 2013 the Rangers led the A's by 1 game in the division.

While the offense has been awful, the rotation and now the bullpen can be thrown in the bear pit, too. This is equal opportunity garbage.

The team is 3-9 in its last 12 games. In their last 20 games, the only Rangers starting pitchers to earn wins are Martin Perez (twice) and Travis Blackley. 

The next 10 games, and really the next three, will likely determine if this team has any shot of winning the division and reversing a second consecutive September Gag. Their next three series are against the A's, Rays and Royals.

By the time the Astros come to Arlington for a three-game series on Sept. 23 wearing a giant life perserver, it may be too late. 

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Bob in Arlington

And, people still think that Wash is the greatest manager of all time????

This team has revamped itself more times than America's foreign policy.

And, neither are any closer to World Peace.

Make some more trades, bring in more nameless minor leaguers, the Rangers are new age "Marvelous Mets!"

Jim Merritt

I don't know who to blame for this team's collapse (AGAIN), but it appears that Wash will have to take the fall for this one. I like Wash very much and think that he is a winning manager but it appears that his style has grown old to the players. Sad that the manager or coach is always stuck with the players that are chosen for them, but's the way the games are played. Blame also has to fall on the ,Wonder Boy, Jon for some of the trades and failure to keep several players.


I am a Ron Washington fan but the blame for the collapse is the "Thats the way baseball go" attitude. I agree with it partly but sometimes you have to get pissed off and go do something about it instead of sittin around waiting for something to be given to you. It is ok to bury someone (when you have a division lead it is ok to extend it)!!!! I feel like we are watchin a bunch of liberals waiting for their next government handout! Screw that! Go take it!

Sal Perez

In the past the Rangers fell apart in August. Now Labor Day seems to be when the Grim Reaper makes an appearance.

I have not been a fan of Job Daniels, and his transactions since the offseason have not changed my mind. But I do tire of hearing and reading about fans who want the team to make a trade or not re-sign a player, and then complain when the team make a trade or does not re-sign a player. This is like when conservatives want US involvement in Syria but when the choice is made to get involved, the conservatives backtrack. You cannot have it both ways.


Ron Washington is the greatest manager in Rangers history. Only Johnny Oates is close.

How quickly we forget about the not-so-distant history of this franchise. Not a fan of JD, the man who turned a perennial loser into a consistent winner? Not a fan of Ron Washington who led this team to consecutive WS appearances and continues to have his teams vying for first place?

Get a grip, they're not 25 games out in July like they were throughout MOST of my life. These are the good times, people!!

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