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Someone takes advantage of Craig James' nickname for this brilliant T-shirt

IMG_2578FORT WORTH, Texas - Serious props to the good people who run the TCU-themed store "The Varsity" near TCU's campus to take full advantage of one of the great underground nicknames in recent memory.

As part of SMU week at TCU, this store had the good sense to print these shirts that simply read: "CJK5H".

For the uneducated, this stands for "Craig James Killed 5 Hookers".

Why and how was this not done sooner?

This nickname is a joke, of course, but one that has grown in recent years with the ranging "popularity" of the former SMU running back/ESPN analyst/GOP senate hopeful/Fox Sports Southwest analyst.

BTW - Mr. James, who was recently fired by Fox Sports SW after 1 day, is now fighting back: he is going after the network, which fired him because of his anti-gay religious beliefs. He does not think he should have been fired, and claims this is religious discrimination. This is provided by Breitbart New.

Store co-owner Beau Davis told me they originally printed 100 shirts on Monday but by late Tuesday afternoon they were down to 20. They have ordered 100 more - 50 large, 50 x-large.

"Yes, these have moved a bit more briskly than we anticipated," he said.

This t-shirt costs $21.95. Get it while they still have it, which the way this thing has gone viral may not be for too long.

Click here for the store's website.

The Varsity
3515 Bluebonnet Circle
Fort Worth, Texas 76109


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I Don't like Craig and I'm sorry to say I don't get it.
Help me please.


I'll tell you what is cosmic justice: Mike Leach is a Division 1 headcoach with a 3 and 1 record while Craig James is fired, unemployed and hiring lawyers claiming HE was wrongly fired.

HA! Who said life isn't fair?! lol


Meanwhile TCU is 8-8 since joining the Big is definitely fair..

Albert R. from Little Rock

Karma is a beautiful thing. Craig James is getting it in spades. And he sooo deserves this.

brian crawford

hey mac, what happened to free speech ? dont hear you saying anything about that concerning craig james!

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