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Texas Tech v. TCU: The battle of niche coaches

Kliff-kingsbury-texas-tech-594x594FORT WORTH, Texas - Gary Patterson and Kliff Kingsbury both have fallen into a niche that is marketable, profitable, and something that resonates in their respective fan bases, and potential recruits.

Gary is GMFP. If you want the shirt, click here.
Kliff is Coach Dude Bro, or just Coach Bro for short.

TCU plays at Tech on Thursday night. Should be fascinating to see if TCU's defense can stop a Tech offense that is killing it with freshman walk-on QB Baker Mayfield doing his best Graham Harrell impersonation.

If you are not sure what GMFP stands for, think about it for a few seconds and let the letters do the talking.

I asked Gary if he was aware of it, and the popular underground t-shirts that feature this relatively new nickname and he smiled and shrugged. His point was there are worse things to be known for, so take it. His persona is that of as a no-BS, in-your-face, coach-til-you-puke ball coach that players, and God knows his fans, adore.

In his first season in Lubbock, people, and the media, have focused on Kingsbury's young appearance and facial hair that is absolutely perfect. The guy has James Franco face - there is always just the right amount of stubble.

Ip000979"He has GQ looks," Gary said Tuesday. "But he has some toughness to him."

Gary is right - this is a good looking dude. Like Don Johnson from the '80s era Miami Vice. He could be Sonny Crockett.

Kingsbury does not look like the guy preparing a team to play a Big 12 game on Thursday but rather the guy who is getting his frat house ready for the after-party when the game is over.

"It's been kinda odd, because I would like it to be about our players and the job our coaches are doing. It is what it is," Kingsbury said when I asked him if he was aware of that persona. "I don't see any negativity to it. It's one of those things and roll with. ... I'm not big on reading blogs or social media. I wouldn't know too much about it. I've seen it becuase of the t-shirts and things of that nature but if it can bring some notoriety to our program I'm sure that can help in some way."

Like Gary said, there are worse things to be called.

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gary (bleepin) patterson. fo real?

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