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The Rangers officially hate Yu Darvish

Yu+Darvish+Texas+Rangers+v+New+York+Yankees+PCR2VtZwGn5lYu Darvish is not going to win the Cy Young award, but his Texas Rangers teammates are trying super hard to make sure he finishes a distant second to Detroit's Max Scherzer.

Yu lost again 1-0, this time on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

The Rangers are now 2 games behind the Oakland Athletics ... but they are going to get into the playoffs with one of the top rotations in the game anchored around a man they refuse to score runs for.

If you are counting at home, Monday is the third time this season Yu has been pinned with the loss in a 1-0 decision. By my math, that's awful.

According to Baseball Times in Arlington, since the Rangers moved into the Ballpark in 1994 they have lost 16 times by a 1-0 score at home. Three of those belong to Yu, this season.

Yu is having arguably the most dominant season by a Rangers starting pitcher since Fergie Jenkins in the '70s. Yes, Yu's season is better than Nolan Ryan's best year with the team.

Yu 2013:
29 starts. 179.2 ip. 124 hits. 60 runs. 58 earned runs. 24 HR. 66 BB. 240 K.
2.91 ERA 

Yu's numbers, and season, speak for themselves but he should at least be an 18-game winner. He can't when his offense is unable to score more than 2.9 runs per game, which it has done in his past 19 starts. 

It wasn't always this way.
The Rangers scored a total of 65 runs in Yu's first nine starts.
They have scored a total of 55 runs in his last 20 starts.
It would have been worse had they not scored 7 runs in his start on Aug. 1 and 8 runs on Aug. 6.

They must really hate this guy to keep doing this to him.

All will be forgiven if in the postseason the Rangers can turn some of these into 2-1 or 3-1 wins. 

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The Rangers are wasting Yu. The ballclub is a major disappointment. We can't hit, and pitching ain't all it needs to be.

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