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This should have ended better for Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman RiceARLINGTON, Texas - Not even amid a 12-0 beat down of the Houston Astros on Monday could Rangers manager Ron Washington justify putting in Lance Berkman.

The season is not over, and a situation may call for a desperate at bat in extra innings, but it appears it's over for the forever Texan, all-time good guy and total bust of a 2013 free agent signee.

It is simply no longer there for the 37-year-old, and as a result his career is likely over. The body just can't do it any more.

Berkman is hitting .242 with six home runs and 34 RBIs this year. His last hit came on July 3 against Seattle. An injury forced him on the disabled list on July 7. He was re-activated on Sept. 1, when teams could expand rosters. He Berkman is 0-for-12 since then.

I asked Washington if this is a case of a slowing bat.

"It's just a physical issue, period," he said. "The guy got hurt. It's just not there."

Of the many offseason decisions made by the Rangers in the previous offseason, rolling the dice and spending more than $10 million to add Berkman to fill their DH role was the absolute worst.

"We knew it was a risk," Rangers GM Jon Daniels said.

Berkman told the Houston Chronicle that he has not made up his mind about extending his career beyond this season.

Most careers end this way - without a World Series or the suspenseful final at bat, but rather on the bench nursing an injury.

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Johan Swiss

Dear Lance Berkman, It was a pleasure watching your career. You were one of the best ball players I have ever seen. You, Biggio and Bagwell were just phenomenal. Those Astro teams were underrated and probably some of the best teams MLB has ever seen during the regular season.

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