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This week's Inexcusable 5 once again includes LSU & Michigan

5403272714_a7e75efb27The following college games from this weekend's slate are nothing more than a giant cash-grab by the underdog school to cover athletic department expenses. The only reason to watch is if you have family/friends playing the game, are an alum, or are gambling junkie:

1. Georgia State at West Virginia. WVU plus 40.
The way WVU is playing, this could be a game.

2. Akron at Michigan. Wolverines by 37.
Michigan has to offer more things to do on a fall Saturday than to watch this trash.

3. Bowling Green at Indiana. IU by 2.5
Hoosiers need my man Babe Laufenberg to right this thing.

4. UMass at Kansas State. Wildcats by 39.
Bill Snyder at his non-conference scheduling finest.

5. Kent State at LSU. Tigers by 37.
Les Miles should be more ashamed of this game than any of the accusations pointed at him from his time as the head coach at Okie State. 



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Criticize LSU if you want. That's fine.

In the mean time, KU needs to shoot for the moon and pray it sniffs .500.


Wow. What a zinger.


Mac, you know as well as I that the Indiana football program has been miserable for most of the 100+ years it has existed. BGSU did allow itself to be exploited for the fans at Memorial Stadium 42-10. The Hoosiers are well on their way to their normal season win total of ...two!

Troy Claycamp

You've never met Babe Laufenberg. What do you think the Attorney General of Texas would think of you're advertising practices? People like you are the reason gas is $3.50 a gallon!

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